The most beautiful ass in the heart of a Japanese gentleman is like a peach, and it is round and rou-kisstudou

The most beautiful ass in the heart of a Japanese gentleman is just like a peach. It is like a peach in a gentleman’s garden. The chairman once tested a riddle with his Optima. The hero said that when the man walked on the four feet, he saw the bottom of his eyes and succeeded in moving the chairman. So, what kind of ass is the most popular Japanese gentleman like? 1. will not droop, will not droop, as long as the running steps, more exercise will not be bloated." (33 year old food and beverage other) "will not drop, compact little ass for wearing hot pants." (38 year old printing, pulp technology) 2. can be seen through clothes. "When my sister wears a narrow skirt to sit down for a moment, I will go to see the hip line drift is not beautiful."." The size and shape of a 28 year old retailer selling jobs and services is easiest to see when a girl is wearing jeans." (29 years old, metal, steel, chemical technology) 3. size, ass round, but not too big, can not seem to have a sense of redundancy." (33 years of food, beverage sales, services) small and resilient." (38 years old group, public welfare legal person, official public affairs department full-time) 4. muscle quality can not have acne orange peel, buttocks to slip yo." (30 years old intelligence, IT other) "no small lump."." (32 years old construction, civil engineering) men want the buttocks to be rounded and tight, not cumbersome. Some sisters think that men demand too much, want to see beautiful buttocks, you can wear underwear for the peach, or see the bottom of the dog’s ass is not enough? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works.

日本绅士心中最美的屁股 就像桃子一样翘挺圆在《绅士学园》里,理事长曾经考过一道屁股与欧派的谜语,男主角表示人类在四只脚行走的时候,眼前看到的是屁股,成功感动了理事长。那么,什么样的屁股最招日本绅士喜欢呢?1.不会下垂“不会下垂,只要跑跑步多做运动就不会臃肿。”(33岁 食品、饮料 其他)“不会下垂,紧致的小屁股适合穿热裤。”(38岁 印刷、纸浆 技术职)2.能透过衣服看出来“当妹子穿窄裙想坐下的一刻,我会去看看臀部线条漂不漂亮。”(28岁 零售商 贩售职、服务业)“大小和形状,妹子穿牛仔裤的时候最容易看出来。”(29岁 金属、钢铁、化学 技术职)3.大小“屁股要圆,但不能太大,看上去不能有累赘感。”(33岁 食品、饮料 贩售职、服务业)“小而有弹性。”(38岁 团体、公益法人、官公厅 事务系专职)4.肌质“不能有粉刺橘皮,屁股要滑溜溜的。”(30岁 情报、IT 其他)“不能有小疙瘩。”(32岁 建设、土木 技术职)男人想要的屁股要圆润紧致,不能有累赘感。有妹子认为,男人的要求太多了,要看漂亮的屁股,可以给桃子穿内裤,或者看柯基犬的屁股不就行了吗?点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品。相关的主题文章: