The most beautiful spot! No leaves of autumn is not complete pullip

The most beautiful spot! No autumn leaves incomplete thick "autumn" honey, "Maple" infinite love, autumn is the best season to Maple ", the sky, clouds, the wind light, Ye Hong, falling maple leaf were missing so lifelike. So, where is the best place to see maple leaves in autumn? Today Xiaobian to introduce domestic and foreign wire son Maple resort! In this autumn to feel the fiery world! The Japanese and foreign spring flowers "(see cherry blossoms)", "autumn leaves" (Shang Hongye) "is one of the representative of Japan in autumn. Japanese this period as was short before the winter tour of the red edge edge so cherish every day before the arrival of winter. In Japanese eyes, the passion of the leaves are withered in the last life before burn. So, when is this year’s maple leaf red? In red prediction map from Japan Tourism Association: "in mid October the best tour of the red place for Hokkaido, northeast and central parts of Japan in early November in most areas of Japan" is the best time (when Kansai leaves the tour of Kyoto, Osaka, Nara Naomi) – mid November Kanto and Kansai are in the best tour of the red period Osaka the earliest in late October on the leaves begin to turn in early November, at the peak of color, then in mid November began to see red leaves are. There are 8 main Osaka Hongye observation points, respectively, Longshan, Osaka cattle dog Ming Shan City Park, Katsuo temple, Settsu gorge Park, Huambo Memorial Park, Hiroshikawa Tera, Meiji Sen minoh national park. Nara Hongye earlier in Osaka, the earliest in late October in Nara leaves begin to turn, at the beginning of November to reach the peak of color, then in mid November began to see red leaves are. There are 12 main Nara Hongye observation points were believed to your mountain mount Shigi, take the city, prefectural long Tian Park, on the mountain shrine, Long Yue Temple, see the birds Hill Park, Nara Park, Nagase Tera, temple, Mount Yoshino chamber (thousands), Mount Yoshino (the thousand) Mount Yoshino, (in the thousands). Canada classic autumn general at the end of September began to come. Due to the shorter duration of sunshine, in a month’s time, the nature of the obvious color change. The Canada like a huge brush swept his fields and forests, where summer green faded a little bit intoxicating, warm in all the leaves of plants, nearly ten days, by the end of October, a variety of colors begin to burn. That autumn brings overwhelming shock to people everywhere, the shock is the rest of the world would not match, make it difficult to be completely indifferent. In eastern Canada, concentration of autumn is overwhelming, everywhere, everywhere like a raging fire. Yuankan is Wanshan / cenglinjinran, close to see is green or dry weeds in forest mapping red, should also be dyed red. This momentum can only be described as "aggressive". From mid September, sumac, boxwood, beech, yellow to red first opened the prelude of the autumn; then, sugar maple, red maple, sycamore.相关的主题文章: