The most sexy Athena live universal gunfight shooting Festival

The most sexy Athena live "universal gunfight" shooting Festival opened in October 24th, men understand the "Fire Festival" officially opened! National carnival, adorable sister group live, everyone took the full range of open trench ceremony activities. With the "sexiest Athena" the title of the Indoorsman goddess crooked back, will live with friends to experience the "National Day" gunfight shooting unbridled pleasure. "1024 men understand" the old driver said in the dormitory to wanton hi Lu Indoorsman to mad @ their roommate hands free shooting spree. The popularity of FPS Mobile Games "universal gunfight" launched heavy fire festival, four heavy activities to send welfare, send the gun to you. The most sexy goddess Athena live back crooked accompany you chat remember COS Athena in Chinajoy bursting with popularity of crooked? For favorite COS game player is always the goddess goddess yy. She will live he has been addicted to Mobile Games "universal gunfight" today, the goddess crooked live chat, and experience the most cool, the most aggressive "national" shooting festival with you shoot. In the 1024 men understand the festival, goddess will bring you what kind of surprise? Xiao Bian is eager to know how accurate the goddess of marksmanship. Adorable sister group a massive welfare broadcasting in addition to goddess crooked outside, there are many game player interaction and participation in activities of the 1024 adorable sister. They will be in their respective live and experience the fun of the popularity of FPS hand travel, and will send the pattern benefits. It is said that grab a welfare can be less in the game for a month. I heard the fire Liao Mei is to take her to see a movie with the goddess and adorable sister, let’s talk about God and man! Tom Curise starred in the blockbuster Spider Man "on Jack shooting 2: never" has been hit in the. "The whole nation gunfight" and Guevara film cooperation, for the love of the players shooting 100 thousand worth of film welfare. "All the attention" the official WeChat shootout (micro signal: quanminqiangzhan), click "Tom red) will be able to receive 10 yuan worth of movie vouchers. Don’t let your girl go to bed and drink plenty of hot water! Participate in the "national gunfight" a day, take her to see a movie is a serious matter. The most powerful official rewards can be said to be able to return to the sun, according to the festival, the most direct manifestation is the prize. "National" shootout will be on the official micro-blog, WeChat mobile phone and you hao throw diamond award. In October 22nd, the "national" held a shootout over Grand Prix, all love shooting game player, drying out their own body than CA photos, mobile phone will be able to win awards. Too difficult? Of course, funny posture can also be added to the election campaign. Only bow to play the game you, quickly put down the phone, stretching your old waist, to the sun to win the phone. "National" 1024 day shoot hot shooting, adorable sister male god goddess welfare friends, there is more value in the game activities you participate in, get your hands free, and we wanton shooting.相关的主题文章: