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The new army Xi Jinping flag is a what force? – Beijing flag, this time, is the 6 unknown forces. The army is the name of the military joint logistics force! The last day of 2015, President Xi to the army, army troops, rocket strategic support and awarded the ensign precepts, taking the essence of the pace of military reform, the main building of the service system of formal grand line. The first day of February 2016, President Xi to the five war zone to flag and issued instructions, which marks the official opening of the theater army Chinese era. In September 13, 2016, President Xi Bayi building in Beijing, awarded to the Wuhan flag joint logistics base and Wuxi, Guilin, Xining, Shenyang, Zhengzhou joint logistics center and precepts, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to joint security forces to extend our warmest congratulations to all the officers and men. Details do not know that we have not noticed a detail: on 2013, the day of July 5th, the army logistics has the first new strategic information security forces. The same day, approved by the Central Military Commission, the army logistics information center was established in beijing. The news release, in this sense, there is a saying: the formation of the army’s logistics information center, information security forces to realize centralized management, intensive use, is the inevitable requirement of perfecting the logistics information system, strengthen the development and utilization of information resources, is an important measure to accelerate the realization of logistics information transformation, to promote good and fast logistics information development is of great significance. The information security force is equivalent to the construction of the information network. 3 years later, President Xi to Wuhan logistics base and Wuxi, Guilin, Xining, Shenyang, Zhengzhou joint logistics centre flag, like the previous meridians and blood. This news release: the morning of the 10, the establishment of the general assembly, officers and soldiers lined up neatly, the audience sang the national anthem. Military honor guard escorted the flag, marched to the president’s desk. President Xi will be awarded to Wuhan one by one flag joint logistics base commander Li Shisheng, political commissar Yin Zhihong and Wuxi, Guilin, Xining, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, director of the joint logistics center political commissar. President Xi pointed out that the formation of the joint logistics base and logistics center, the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission made a major decision to focus on deepening national defense and military reform is comprehensive, strategic initiatives to deepen reform, military leadership and command system construction with Chinese characteristics of modern logistic system, for the army into a world-class army, to win the modern local war has great and far-reaching significance. What is the history of the joint logistics? We first start from the ancient, ancient in fact two words: food! Horses forage first, any local war in the Cold War era, and is a priority among priorities. The battle of Guandu is a famous battle in the history of China’s ancient war battle, has been a lot of bovine Da history study well, they discuss the causes of failure of Cao Sheng Yuan, always put too much attention on the political and military background, but ignore the extreme importance of logistics. In the whole process of the war in Guandu, on the number of troops, Cao Yuan; on weapons and equipment.相关的主题文章: