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The new art director Lv Lei’s "crazy sillia" strict quality – Sohu entertainment director Lv Lei as head of the new art film, 2015 to build nearly twenty large works, from the planning stage to play to the Polish film by director Lv Lei led the new art team worked hard all the way. From a ten year painting knowledge creators transformation TVC director, has worked for seamless business and art director Lv Lei to Lenovo, CCB, the world’s top five hundred enterprises, on their own from a pure creator yourself to become a qualified people’s culture. It is reported that the "Crazy" sillia viewfinder is the original movie "no manland" viewfinder. Director Lv Lei said that the shooting years content, "crazy sillia" shooting environment is one of the most difficult times, the entire film crew after exposure, hail, storms, heavy rain and other weather change unpredictably during. The day before the "Crazy" with sillia wait for period of time, is a more refined Polish film, film special packaging is also invited the top team.. As the director of this film, to see the whole group of performers at the scene of professional attitude, can only be used to express gratitude." Director Lv Lei told the author of the new arts and television since the beginning of 2016, each piece can not be guaranteed to become explosive products, but it will allow the audience to feel our greatest sincerity, inspirational do boutique". "Crazy sillia" tells the story of a space overhead, there is a similar earth space-time climate change environmental deterioration in most human destruction, finally survive life less and less, the woman is becoming more scarce. Where there was a love story, a world of love always makes people full of hope, barren desert, sparsely populated highway, cool handsome bounty hunter, Nvbannanzhuang sillia, each element left the audience endless imagination.相关的主题文章: