The next generation of apple is the transition iphone7 these rumors will come true yezimei

The next generation of apple is the transition: iphone7 these rumors will come true and a new week, about iPhone 7 also has a new message. Just today, the foreign media PhoneArena get the exclusive broke the news, a big wave of iPhone 7 protective shell appeared, apple and many of the rumors again have evidence of the 7. So, this year’s iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus design can be said to be eight or nine from the ten. We see, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rear camera becomes larger, especially the Plus version is equipped with a dual camera. More importantly, the iPhone 7 series of protective shell inventory list shows that this year’s iPhone only iPhone 7 and iPhone version of the 7 Plus, which is consistent with the previous cancellation iPhone 7 Pro rumors. In fact, since the second half of the year, rumors about the iPhone 7 series, although many, but the basic antenna, camera and other information has been exposed repeatedly verified points. It is already August, referring to previous experience, if there is no other major features of iPhone 7 exposure, it should be No. IPhone swept the world for many years, but the bad mouthing Apple’s voice but also in recent years mainly because iPhone can be heard without end, Apple has been a long time without what big innovation, not the amazing, more and more mediocre. Although initially there is little hope for iPhone 7, but there are indications that the current, iPhone 7 is only a small change in the appearance of a transitional product. To add the words of faith, or recommendation and so on the ten anniversary of the birth of the rumors of iPhone / iPhone 7S 8! Original title: eight or nine from the big wave iPhone 7 rumors to come true, "said the original title:"相关的主题文章: