The non brand name vu, the definition of life style new concept of Sohu-g227

The non brand name vu, the definition of "life style" new concept of Sohu lead: so a group of people, they are all dressed in their grave, but they seem lonely scene of debauchery, success has alienated friends… You can not success, not only is the famous brand fashion dress, you can feel strong, high EQ do your own life, strength of the idol, getting better. You can call it "chicken soup", but I hope you can control yourself: "never do" 1, go to bed with a friend. 2, and the lover of marriage. 3, all colleagues as a bosom friend. 4, to a friend’s company to work. 5, the boss in front of you. 6, the commitment of the boss. 7, the passions are hung on the face. 8, talking loudly in the pile of mobile phones. 9, used to make excuses for themselves. 10, overtaking the past, to a car has a slim figure MM face. 11, to MM the word "no" for Gospel truth. 12, expect ex change mind. The bottom line of life (1) do not do the third, even if like. (2) lie to me, if I know more than two times, how far you roll. (3) if you take me seriously, I’ll do the same for you. (4) I can play the fool, but don’t think I’m a fool. (5) I can tolerate, but don’t go beyond my bottom line. (6) I do not lose my temper, but not easily lose my temper. (7) I can accept any truth. If you don’t like your current job, quit 8, or shut up and say nothing, "said." so, if you don’t like what you’re doing right now. 2, learn to endure loneliness. 3, do not be as fragile as glass, do a strong heart. 4, take care of your mouth. 5, will create opportunities. 6, if the phone does not ring, you should play out. 7, do not rush to get married. 8, write your life to do, put the list in the wallet, often take out to see. The success of the 1 smile. 2 like yourself. 3 less talk. 4 behind others say good words. 5 smile when you hear someone say something bad about someone. 6 the past is not known. 7 respect people who don’t like you. 9 things ruthless, people love. More than 10 do self-criticism. 11 cheers for others. 12 gratitude. 13 learn to listen. 14 we used to start talking. [15, 1] that networking to learn empathy, learn to adapt to the environment; 2; 3, 4, learn to learn low-key and generous;; 5, sweet mouth; 6, polite; 7, 8, the Institute of Thanksgiving He that talks much errs much.;; 9, to comply with the time; 10, keep his promise; 11, patience; 12, have a common heart; 13, learn to praise others; 14, to respect, to wait until the next 15, often review their wide. Young we must know 1, you are not brave, no one for you. 2, do not have the umbrella of the child must strive to run! 3, their choice of road, kneeling also want to finish it. 4, don’t be angry to live up to expectations, don’t look to break, do not envy to appreciate, do not delay to be positive.相关的主题文章: