The officers and men of Guangxi long state border inspection station provide convenient customs

Guangxi Longbang checkpoint officers for outbound passengers with convenient customs clearance services, Guangxi channel — October 8 Nanning Xinhua reporter learned from the Guangxi Frontier Corps Longbang border checkpoints to understand, for the National Day Golden Week outbound tourism to peak, the station launched a combination of measures to facilitate customs clearance of their own reality, with high quality inspection to ensure the smooth and stable service port. During the National Day golden week, the station most of the soldiers consciously cancel vacations to visit relatives, full line of police on duty, reasonable adjustment of service mode, set up to guide the Taiwan, Rest Area and umbrella, drinking water and other daily necessities for the majority of visitors, provide on-site consultation, help, exit difficult to maintain order and other caring services for travelers. At the same time, the station also carried out border tourism team online 24 hours inspection services, shorten the residence time in the inspection tour of Baise to Vietnam China port; Gaoping international tourism transportation line bus opened green channel for inspection, customs clearance services enjoy priority; and the establishment of cross-border Vietnam border checkpoints contact Cha Ling port to provide emergency relief assistance service. China service actively for foreign citizens; open 24 hours inspection service hotline to provide passengers with inspection service and business consulting; site using LED display, every day to the entry-exit passengers rolling propaganda border clearance guide, immigration formalities to channel and release the weather, traffic and other resident real-time information, guide passenger customs clearance. According to introduction, by the end of October 7th, a total of 12 thousand travellers were released from the station, which provided 158 times for the sightseeing passengers at the port to provide guidance and services, and 126 outbound policy consultation was provided. The strict work style, good law enforcement image and high quality service of the frontier inspection officers and soldiers have won the unanimous praise of the vast number of entry-exit passengers. (Pang Jiping, Wei Ning (agricultural) commissioning editor Zhou Yule and Xu Jinwen)

广西龙邦边检站官兵为出境旅客提供便利化通关服务–人民网广西频道–人民网 人民网南宁10月8日电 记者从广西边防总队龙邦边防检查站了解到,为应对国庆黄金周出境旅游高峰,该站结合自身实际推出通关便利化措施,以优质高效边检服务有效确保了口岸畅通稳定。 国庆黄金周期间,该站大部分官兵自觉取消探亲休假,充实一线执勤警力,合理调整勤务模式,为广大旅客设立了引导台、休息区以及雨伞、饮用水等日常生活用品,为旅客提供现场出入境咨询、困难帮助、维护秩序等贴心服务。同时,该站还推行边境跨国旅游团队网上24小时报检服务,缩短边检旅行团在口岸停留时间;对中国百色至越南高平省国际旅游运输专线班车开通边检绿色专用通道,享受优先通关服务;与越南茶岭口岸边防检查站建立跨境联络救助服务,积极为境外中国公民提供紧急救助服务;开通24小时边检服务热线,为出入境旅客提供随到随检服务和业务咨询;利用现场LED显示屏,每天向出入境旅客滚动宣传边检通关指南、出入境手续办理渠道以及发布驻地天气情况、路况等实时信息,引导旅客快速通关。 据介绍,截止10月7日发稿前,该站共验放出入境旅客1.2万人次,为口岸观光旅客提供救助引导服务158人次,提供出境政策咨询126人次。该站边检官兵们严谨的工作作风、良好的执法形象和优质的服务,赢得了广大出入境旅客一致好评。(庞革平、农伟宁) (责编:周雨乐、许荩文)相关的主题文章: