The old man saw the thief does not report to the spoils of subsidizing 2000 yuan in Beijing-9c8814

The old man saw the thief does not report to the spoils of subsidizing 2000 yuan – Beijing cents loss with the new pattern of fraud — theft fraud spoils. Since March this year, Qijiang Yuanmou together with Kan to Wansheng Economic Development Zone, East Youth and other places, the implementation of fraud on the area more than the elderly to pick the spoils form. The day before, two people were arrested by Wansheng police, confessed their implementation in Qijiang, Wansheng, Banan and Nanchuan, more than 10 cases of fraud. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Xia Xiangzhou pickpockets "I just offered to loot money in the bank, was the two personal fraud 2100 yuan." In May 20th, 76 year old Zhang uncle to Wansheng Nantong police station. Zhang uncle said that morning he went out for a walk with his wife, because he had no money to go to the bank took 2100 yuan. Take the money after a man suddenly appeared in front of them, pants bag has a stack of money exposed. "He’s got so much money, I’ll get it out. You don’t say, when we divide." The package for men in trousers Uncle Zhang’s worry about money, the other a strange man walked up to them and discuss the spoils of pickpocketing. See Uncle Zhang two old people did not speak, a strange man approached a sudden will pants bag man money pick hand, and put a sock. Then, a strange man told Uncle Zhang old two, money is almost ten thousand yuan, suggested that they went to the remote place. Uncle Zhang did not stand, pickpocketing man puts the scene. 10 thousand yuan in cash into Mingbi "you stole my money? Someone just saw you stole it." The man with Uncle Zhang to discuss the spoils of pickpocketing, pants clad men back and said to Uncle Zhang and pick the man to the police station. "Grandpa, this 10 thousand yuan put you here. I’m going to the police station with him, but you have to leave your money on me." Two men in a theory, 2100 yuan Uncle Zhang will be just the money taken from the bank to pick a man, and in the side waiting for him to come back. After 5 minutes, see pickpocketing man has not come back, feel a bit strange. He opened a sock, which was actually a stack of mingbi. Know cheated Uncle Zhang couple, it went to the police station in nantong. Strong sense of anti detection two escape police immediately involved in the investigation. According to the monitoring along with several other similar cases of residual information, the police quickly locked the two suspects, and to develop a program to catch. "He’s riding a motorcycle." At the beginning of August, the police arrest in the vicinity of a simple rental housing, found the motorcycle away wrong in a sit did not turn off. When the police once again go to the residence, Jane has retired. As a simple act carefully, strong anti detection capabilities, the police arrest two times were unsuccessful. Police had to change ideas, from his motorcycle refueling need to start. The day before, the police in a gas station in Wansheng, is for the motorcycle fuel in a captured. Subsequently, another suspect Yuanmou also arrested. A mammonist cheat a "now or more greedy people, we say the spoils, they will generally move." In the trial, a talk on Jane cheated hand.相关的主题文章: