The overseas edition of wanghailou 10+1 cooperation blueprint needs 4 kinds of color – View –

The overseas edition of wanghailou: 10+1 cooperation blueprint needs 4 kinds of color – View –   nineteenth Chinese ASEAN (10+1) Leaders Conference and the 25 anniversary of the establishment China ASEAN dialogue relations Commemorative Summit held before the day. Chinese and ASEAN leaders have made positive Chinese and ASEAN since 1991 since the establishment of dialogue between the achievements, looking forward to on the basis of summing up experiences, drawn together China ASEAN cooperation blueprint. All hearts are in the design of a new blueprint draft, hope in the blueprint to add their favorite color. But in this, there are several essential colors. The first is political mutual trust. Mutual trust is based on respect for the first. China always respects the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries, does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and is praised by ASEAN countries. Mutual trust comes from sincere treatment. China attaches importance to the concerns of ASEAN, supports the process of ASEAN integration, supports the central position of ASEAN in the evolution of regional structure, and supports ASEAN to play a greater role in international and regional affairs. Second colors are mutually beneficial and win-win. Trade is one of the important engines of economic development. For 7 consecutive years, China has become the largest trading partner of ASEAN, ASEAN has become China’s third largest trading partner for the past 5 years. 2015, the bilateral trade volume reached 472 billion U.S. dollars, is the goal of trade volume in 2020 reached $1 trillion. Interoperability helps to open up the economic development of blood. ASEAN has just adopted the ASEAN interconnection master plan 2025, aimed at strengthening the ASEAN internal interconnection in infrastructure, trade, logistics, personnel mobility and other fields. To achieve this goal, and to put forward China ASEAN overall planning "The Belt and Road" initiative to coordinate, on both sides to strengthen interoperability cooperation way. China and ASEAN also issued a joint statement to strengthen cooperation in production capacity. The two sides plan to further strengthen economic and trade relations through capacity cooperation, boost the confidence and enthusiasm of both sides of the industry. Third colors are common security. China has made it clear that it will work with ASEAN to maintain peace and stability in the South China sea. China and ASEAN signed in July this year, a comprehensive and effective implementation of the joint statement "Doc", reiterated that the right way to deal with the disputes in the South China Sea, trying to dispel the individual countries China – ASEAN Relations disrupted by arbitration. The leaders during the meeting for consideration by the "Chinese and the ASEAN countries to respond to maritime emergency hotline diplomatic official guidelines" and "Chinese platform with the ASEAN countries in the South China Sea on the application of the" maritime accident encounter rules "joint statement", will play a positive role in improving the rules and control differences, risk. At the same time, China is also actively seeking cooperation with ASEAN in dealing with non-traditional security challenges. The fourth color is human communication. China is the people’s blind date. China and ASEAN continue to expand cultural, tourism and other areas of communication, identified in 2020 the two sides reached 30 million people to reach the target, and facilitate exchanges. With the above basic color, China ASEAN cooperation blueprint will hongtudazhan colorful. The relationship between China and ASEAN is the most abundant and most influential相关的主题文章: