The popular movie is behind the tomb relics hidden – Painting –

The popular movie is behind the tomb relics hidden – Painting – original title: Tomb behind the popular movie is the cultural relics hidden   recently, another tomb movie "Tomb notes" caused a lot of fans of the blitz. In recent years, the tomb novels, Tomb Raider movies are popular, bizarre plot twists, handsome star, as if it were raining flowers treasure, all the objects into young people’s pursuit of love. However, as illegal and criminal acts, whether it should be tomb theme on screen? Literary works should be how to present the tomb? Such discussions have also become a hot topic. To this end, the reporter interviewed the director of the Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese history of academician Liu Qingzhu, listen to the analysis of archaeological experts for film works tomb unpopular phenomenon. The 1 excavation of tomb repeatedly forced "rescue excavations" Liu Qingzhu pointed out, now mainly explore state of most of the tomb are due to danger facing the tomb of the last ditch". Liu Qingzhu to make the deep impression in the excavation of the tomb of Cao Cao is in the process of seeing the situation. 2006, Anyang County, a farmer in the irrigation of their own fields, and found that the water in the ground is also pouring water dissatisfaction, will flow in a direction. Along the direction of the flow of water, a large hole in one meter in front of people. When the archaeologists arrived at the excavation site, a sight that is extremely shocked: "can" dig three feet "to describe the tomb of the tomb, floors are torn up in order not to miss the ‘baby’, to irrigate the water along the Daodong inflow, the tomb is covered. If you don’t find, even the tomb body could not protect." The process of excavation is similar this year’s sea faint Hou tomb. Sleeping more than 2000 years sea faint Hou Liu He tomb, the Tomb Raider due to trouble had to start to explore, to see the world. "The sea tomb Daodong faint Hou found already reach the tomb, if a few days later, the tomb was destroyed." Liu Qingzhu pointed out that with the development of science and technology, the means of the tomb also changed the past "Tomb Raider latte drill dug, damage to slow the progress of. Now more and more grave tools of "modernization", many tombs have found stolen situation is "miserable"." 2 due to technical level do not take the initiative to explore the ancient tombs of the imperial tombs of Liu Qingzhu said, especially the imperial mausoleum bears the important historical information, such as "the ancients regarded death, Hades is a microcosm of the world, understanding of the tomb is an important way to our understanding of history." In principle, in quite a long period of time, the Imperial Mausoleum as an object state does not take the initiative to explore, this is because the current technology, facilities and equipment, the full recovery of the cognitive level of distance there is a certain gap between the tombs of historical scenes. Tombs in the thousands of years’ sleeping ‘has formed a stable underground micro environment, the excavation of the time sooner or later, its impact is not. However, it will be possible for us to explore the development of modern archaeological excavation and protection technology for decades." However, the occurrence of grave robbers, always let the excavation process of passive open. Once the tomb is opened, a lot of things are happening相关的主题文章: