The punishment of corruption, and then a heavy Russian Economic Development Minister arrested

The punishment of corruption, and then a heavy Russian Economic Development Minister bribery arrested Beijing – Minister of economic development $2 million bribery criminal detention to punish corruption in Russia and then a punch in the Russian newspaper reporter Qu Ode to the Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei? Wuliukaye husband was accused of bribery, $2 million from the energy company acquisition, the president of Russia Putin has been dismissed. At present, Basman Moscow court has ordered him to be detained until January 15th next year. Ulyukaev is said to have been the highest ranking official since the collapse of the Soviet union. The Russian state oil company in October of this year to 330 billion rubles (about $5 billion) acquisition of bash oil company 50% of the price of the shares. The Ministry of economic development to make a positive assessment of the transaction, so that transactions can be carried out. Ulyukaev suspected of using threats from bribes. Russia’s investigative committee said Ulyukaev was arrested on suspicion of bribery. According to today’s Russian news agency reported that the relevant departments have been concerned about Ulyukaev for more than a year, mastered the very important evidence". It is understood that the Russian investigative committee for the investigation of criminal cases, under the direct jurisdiction of the president, mainly responsible for the investigation of criminal cases and the supervision of government agencies. The investigation of the case continues, there is news that may also pull more officials and enterprises, bank executives. Ulyukaev is a senior Russian economist and government officials, he sacked caused a lot of reaction. Shuvalov, Russia’s first deputy prime minister, visited the Ministry of economic development in November 17th to appease the staff. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of economic development forest temporarily acting minister, another deputy minister Voskresen J Ki will attend the APEC Ministerial Meeting in place of Ulyukaev. Ulyukaev’s lawyer Gerry Denev said, Ulyukaev thinks he is a "provocative victim", has recently decided to appeal. There are also public opinion that the arrest of Ulyukaev and the power system battle related. Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov said that the Minister of economic development before the arrest is not a purposeful attack". Per Skov said, Putin has been aware of the investigation of the Russian anti-corruption action has been carried out in a systematic manner, not treated differently, do not look at the level of. Chairman of the State Duma Committee on financial markets, Al-aqsa also believes that this is a systematic work to eradicate corruption, rectify the order of authority. Russia has been strengthening anti-corruption efforts, since 2008, anti-corruption legal system and gradually improve the system. Putin also declared that "there are no untouchable officials". This year, Russia has more than the governor, the mayor and law enforcement officials were arrested, including the president of the Republic of Komi that years of misappropriation of state assets "tiger", also has the anti corruption bureau bureau deputy director of such "flies". According to the "Russian perspective" report, the Ernst & Young survey results show that the level of corruption in Russia enterprises fell sharply. (Moscow, November 17)相关的主题文章: