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The quick assessment: hit 1 billion against dozens of refrigerator Wang Jianlin cry – Sohu comments finishing heart grass called Tall trees catch much wind, although as the richest man in the Chinese Wang Jianlin than his son Wang Sicong to a lot of low-key, but after all, ginger or the old lady, sound can cause a great disturbance every time Wang Jianlin. The first is the "goal" to make it one hundred million maxed circle of friends, today’s richest man Wang Jianlin Zaibao verse: "we Haierwei mostly, Haier hit 20 a few refrigerator only some money? We lost one billion." Sohu Henan netizen "brother Anne" Wang Jianlin "money worship very emboldened is capricious, people look at the richest man to talk about money, which is not million units started." It is not a trace of arrogance.   the source of this passage is the Wang Jianlin class in Wanda Business School talked about the issue of integrity, when about the original Taiyuan Street Wanda Plaza construction and operation of the story, because the business problem in order to protect the interests of owners, lost 1 billion repurchase. It is just an example, but the Sohu Shanxi netizen "Oh Oh o I go" it’s really not appropriate "speech speech, for example, why say people Haier that is not a few money, belittle others to raise their own interesting? Then the money will not be a man that is all-match." Just being engaged in things, can not tolerate uncle aunt, brother Haier is not to eat the cooked rice, the other Wang Jianlin refused to yield forward domineering "I really haven’t counted in the workshop workers three years to pay to buy a refrigerator on 1985, Zhang Ruimin hit the 76 refrigerator almost did not out of wage means what Haier. But now I know why I can’t afford to buy a house." Probably mean, you hot money, you are the richest man well, the price was so high, you dig the pockets of the people, but also mean that the loss of 1 billion? Don’t pull this calf! Look, we sold a lifetime refrigerator, the truth back to the vast number of consumers, we can not even afford to buy a house, we are the industry’s conscience! Haier rushed this pair of small business this month, the chicken is in the bag.   give the unknown in the users to make up classes, in 1985, Zhang Ruimin came to Haier, a sledgehammer hand smashed refrigerator 76 refrigerators have various defects, then a refrigerator price 800 yuan, the equivalent of a worker’s salary for two years. Zhang Ruimin tells us that a defective product is a waste. Three years later, Haier won the first national quality award Chinese refrigerator industry.   although Wang Jianlin and Haier are talking about the integrity of the enterprise, but Wang Jianlin like this take two things out, people could not stand, the Sohu Hubei netizen "again" in our hearts that Haier brilliant image can never tolerate you to tread "Haier hit the refrigerator when you are playing with mud. Haier is playing the industry, you play the bubble, you drop more money, and can not be Haierbi. You and Zhang Ruimin are not a level, never." Sohu in Shandong city of Ji’nan province netizen "Ji’nan nocturne" as "study technology for the benefit of the people of a foreigner in the overseas factories earn money back on a real estate!相关的主题文章: