The role of the monster watch

The sage in the reality "Yamazaki monster watch" other exposure Yamazaki Yoshihito and Saito Ku et al performed together live version of "monster watch" Yamazaki sages and Saito Ku in the film the other Yamazaki Yoshihito and Saito Ku dancing show rare exposure Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the popular Japanese anime "monster watch" adapted from the game of the same name in 2014, comic and cartoon style after the debut, became the most popular works by students. The work will be launched in December with the animation film version of reality, and to find the super strong cast; which play monster actor Yamazaki Yoshihito and Saito Ku also in other recent exposure, causing hot friends. Watch the movie version of "monster" works "flying empty whale and two of the world’s great adventure meow! "Will be released in December 17th, the film for many well-known actors such as Saito Ku, Emi Takei, Yamazaki Yoshihito, Endo Norihito etc.. Yamazaki Yoshihito and Saito Ku play in the other also recently exposed, two people are wearing a wig and pointed ears, Yamazaki sage wore a towering blonde play "Enma king"; Saito Ku wore silver purple hair turned nurarihyon". Yamazaki Yoshihito’s magic is the monster King Yan world leader, said he is very happy to be able to play the monster world strongest monster, "this is the vision of all the boys, so I’m looking forward to." And Saito Ku is very proud to be able to play such a role, I am very happy that these two very deep role is played with Yamazaki Yoshihito." Two people dancing in the film picture with a short exposure tidbits, let many users look straight smile and says "look at these two people dancing strange feeling, the feeling will be very interesting", "actor is broken". (ETtoday) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: