The Russian US relations after the cold war to the worst Syria into the Gordian knot winavi video converter

The Russian US relations after the cold war to the worst Syria node in September 5th the two sides most difficult, Putin and Obama was photographed "relatively cold" photo at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, it seems to be a true portrayal of the relationship between Russia and the United States, for 7 days over the Black Sea fighter "3 meters of Zhi" storm added a footnote. Since the relationship between Russia and the United States is reduced to the lowest point, the cold war "in many American media recently reported this conclusion, they believe that the main reason for this situation, one is no progress at the end of the war in eastern Ukraine, the two is not able to achieve a lasting ceasefire agreement on the war in Syria. The observers said that intensive diplomatic action in Europe to restart, this is Russia to make a last effort for a ceasefire in Syria. According to the CNN 7 disclosure, the day in Laos visit U.S. Deputy Assistant for national security affairs of the · Rhodes said, U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has made clear the problems to be solved, and plan to meet in a few days, to see whether the agreement can be reached. Russian Foreign Ministry also announced the same day, Lavrov and Kerrey reached an agreement on the phone, will be held from September 8th to 9 in Geneva to continue to discuss the issue of Syria. However, on the 8 day, Lavrov and Kerrey will be held on the same day the news becomes ambiguous. Russian media quoted the 8 morning news media said, "the State Department has not yet been determined" Lavrov and Kerrey in September 8th to 9 in Geneva held talks. The black sky fighter thrilling encounter, the United States Secretary of defense and the Ministry of Commerce on the latest information conveyed by Russia, may have become the reason of the talks. Analysts pointed out that even if the United States and Russian diplomats to bridge their differences, but some factions fighting in Syria may also be dissatisfied. "If the agreement reached between Russia and the United States is different from that of the Syrians, we will not accept it," said Hijab, senior coordinator for the opposition’s main negotiating group in Syria." A key symptom of the ceasefire is the fate of Syria’s president, Bashar. The opposition insists that after six months of negotiations to establish a transitional government, Mr Bashar must step down to build a transitional government, a "no compromise option."". Turkey has recently launched the attack target for IS Syria, including the United States armed forces to support the Kurdish, so Carter plans to meet with Turkey officials, making the environment more complex negotiating with russia. According to reports, a White House official told the reporters, the United States and Russia during the G20 summit held in Hangzhou summit meeting is mainly to discuss the issue of Syria. But the two sides failed to find a common language, but also failed to reach agreement on the signing of the agreement on the issue of Syria. The position of "Syria accused the United States of Russia, Russia and the United States are now monolithic" media speculation that if Russia can not reach a new agreement on the Syria issue, the United States and Russia will likely take what unexpected steps. Russian media that once Moscow and Washington on the Syria issue can not reach a consensus, both Putin and Obama were unable to save the relationship between Russia and the United States increasingly collapse. (Wang Jiabo & Feng Guochuan, Liu Yupeng, Xiao Yawen)相关的主题文章: