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.puters-and-Technology E cigarette kits are relatively new in the market therefore it is not surprising to find out that a lot of tobacco smokers are searching for all kinds of information regarding these electronic cigarettes. Tobacco smokers are aware of the health perils of tobacco smoking and they are continuously looking for ways to help them get rid of the nicotine habit. Primary of their concerns is really about the safeness of the safe cig. The safe cig with menthol e liquid is safer than the real tobacco cigarette. There are a lot researches that has been already published supporting the belief that tobacco smoking is really bad for ones health. Tobacco has a lot of chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Even non-smokers are affected as well. The fumes that .e out of the tobacco cigarette are found to have been the cause of death of non-smokers who are in constant .pany with smokers. Second-hand smoke kills. E cigarette kits do not contain tobacco. These electronic cigarettes only have menthol e liquid nicotine in them. . Tobacco smoking is a form of addiction: nicotine addiction. This is the reason why tobacco smokers cant seem to stop smoking even if they want to. These people are already addicted to nicotine. Tobacco has a fixed amount of nicotine for every cigarette stick. The nicotine level in tobacco cant be reduced. The safe cig is able to reduce the level of menthol e liquid nicotine in its electronic cigarette. The smoker has an option when it .es to the level of nicotine that he/she wants to smoke. Most e cigarettes kits allow smokers to choose zero, low, medium, and high menthol e liquid nicotine levels for every smoke. With this feature of the safe cig, the smoker can slowly decrease the amount of nicotine that goes inside of his/her body until he/she is nicotine free. In terms of construction, e cigarette kits are safe to use. Although these electronic cigarettes are the same size as the tobacco cigarette, they dont have small parts that may be accidentally swallowed. Typically, the safe cig only consists of two parts: the heating pad attached to the battery and the cartridge, which contains the menthol e liquid nicotine. E cigarette kits also have different nicotine flavors available. Unlike the tobacco cigarette, which only has tobacco and menthol flavors, the electronic cigarette has popular flavors like vanilla, coffee, apple, and chocolate. Some brands also carry tobacco and menthol flavors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: