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The schedule is not reasonable fitness test for Asian season was Serena doubtful Serena sina sports news Beijing on September 9th news, Serena two disc lost card – Price Kurkovva, for two consecutive years to stop women’s singles semi-finals. The last game with the double Serena, personally gave Gobel the first in the world. Yesterday evening and American veteran Halep played a three war, and today is the first boarded the Arthur Ashe stadium, so the schedule is not conducive to the rehabilitation of physical serena. Serena and Price Kurkovva in the semi-finals today in the opening of the slow start, the first end of Americans barely scored on the surrender of victory. In second, after adjusting the state Serena to keep his serve, but the Czech girl serve strong, first in the world can not find a way to crack, the competition enters snatches seven. But in the key snatches seven games, three points respectively before Williams sends a double fault, then the two receiving direct drop points. Although the world first stabilize the mentality Glenealy four points, but still let Price Kurkovva get the first match point. Finally, Serena rarely issued a double fault in the match point, to give victory to each other. In fact, when the US women’s singles semi-finals race out, many people questioned why Serena and Price Kurkovva first appeared, two people are the day before just finished 14 finals, while Gobel and Caroline Wozniacki have had a full day, so the schedule is questionable. Besides Pulis Bokova 14 finals with a sweep kangniu hour, Serena is halep and to a three sets, for the 35 year old veteran physical consumption is not small. This game Pulis Bokova won in the game, also won the young fitness advantage, Czech girl on the side of his, Serena was already out of breath. Since the start of the US Open, Serena did not encounter too many challenges, so the final I wish you a happy voyage. there seems to be no suspense. 14 finals in the three set to beat Halep, but also let us see a very strong momentum of the Serena Williams. However, today in the semi-final Pulis Bokova offensive overbearing, first in the world has yet to find a state, have lost the game. According to the analysis before, Serena must at least to keep the finals ranked first in the world, if Gobel also reached the final, Serena must win the championship. Semi final accident out Serena have lost the world No. 1, Gobel will personally gave the crown. This is the six time after Serena, three consecutive completed between 2012 and 2014, but the Americans in recent years are frustrated at the US Open semi-finals. Last year, Serena Williams in the semi-final defeat to Italy veteran Vinci, missed the annual grand slam, the game also gave Serena a considerable blow out of the game, all her remaining season. Three year ago Serena slam record is still good, although in the final, but won only a Wimbledon champion, tying the Graf 22 Champions League record. Let us open semi-final, ranking first in the world took Korbel, for the United States veteran, is another blow for the next season whether in Asia has become a question. (Yang Hongzhi)相关的主题文章: