The Sichuan men’s basketball team suffered another defeat Yingwang need to run in super bass

The Sichuan men’s basketball team suffered another defeat Yingwang need to run in November 18th, CBA League regular season eighth round, Sichuan PISEN team in the 100:109 defeat in Shenzhen men’s basketball team lost two games. Josh scored 28 points and 9 rebounds, Hadadi had 21 points and 14 rebounds, but the team failed to win the final. In this game, Liu Wei due to injury, played for the Sichuan team has a great influence on the conversion and connection of attack and defense, the Sichuan team compared to the previous two games to. Even so, Josh and Meng Da in the second quarter of the first few points of the Sichuan team in the first half after the end of the lead is still three. But when the second half began, the opponent is in color with 3 points equaliser and even counter ultra, Sichuan attack suddenly chaotic up. Although Josh in the game also sent 5 caps, but his three ball attack efficiency is too low, 14 shots hit just 4 times, even once thrown out of the three non stick. It is precisely because of his choice wrong, Sichuan PISEN men’s basketball team in the second half into a scoring drought, the team took the opportunity to overtake Shenzhen. In addition, Josh’s physical fitness is still a problem, how to make him as soon as possible to restore physical fitness, into the state, as well as close cooperation with Hadadi, is still a problem. Sichuan PISEN in the first three quarters to do well, fourth had a little problem, not enough to meet the difficulties of preparation, dealing with cool enough, the key moment offensive mistakes led to the final defeat. Josh has just come, today’s performance is still possible, there are some physical problems, for the rhythm of the CBA and the competition environment are not very familiar with, as well as with the players in a few games to run in order to have effect." Coach Yang Xuezeng believes that Liu Wei failed to play is indeed a great regret, Liu Wei’s injury to the team’s impact on the team." This Sunday evening 19:30, Sichuan men’s basketball team will play against the visiting Jilin men’s basketball team. WCC reporter Yan Wenwen recommended reading: flying eagle king joined the Sichuan team this Sunday at Yingwang debut Sichuan men’s basketball team can really sign Yingwang boss said: This is not the final signature of the Sichuan men’s basketball team defeated opponent three to determine the single foreign aid foreign aid increased two or three fold foreign aid Harris injured him Sichuan men’s basketball team lost and lost people NBA championship ring the Sichuan men’s basketball team’s CBA championship ring looks like相关的主题文章: