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The source sink Chinese, global   "The Belt and Road leader summit held in Beijing – International – People’s network for the summit dialogue scene. October 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhou Zhou) 14, China source sink, "The Belt and Road" Global Leadership Summit held in Beijing. Summit jointly organized by the new media GE and Choi, nearly a thousand overseas procurement contractor (Engineering Procurement Construction, hereinafter referred to as EPC) from industry leaders, including EPC, Chinese enterprise policy, financial institutions and regional project owners’ representatives gathered on how to grasp the "The Belt and Road" initiative to establish "opportunity. Source Chinese, global foreign exchange industry" global cooperation mechanism, accelerate the China overseas turnkey services to the region along the The Belt and Road "development conducted in-depth discussions. As a EPC annual event, this year’s summit focusing on cross-border cooperation, representatives of the parties on how to cross enterprise, cross industry, cross regional cooperation between government and enterprises in the world with the convergence of technology, policy, service and project execution resources, build a road with a "ecological system of the exchange. Assembly of the forum invited many industry experts further in Europe, Africa, Middle East and North Africa and Turkey, the ASEAN market ecology and power generation, renewable energy, oil and gas operations are discussed and share more specific. GE vice chairman Zhuang Ruisi said, "China Belt and Road Initiative Chinese" for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing and along the country’s economic growth and improve people’s livelihood to bring a real win-win. China import and Export Bank Strategic Planning Department Liankui Xiao pointed out that with the Chinese economy from investment and export driven to innovation driven transformation of cooperation, "The Belt and Road" will bring new economic development mode for Chinese, this strategy will guide Chinese through the interconnection, to open packages, common growth way and the economic benefit of peace global. Chinese EPC data show that the first 8 months of the year in the "The Belt and Road" along the 61 countries signed a contract of nearly 4000 projects, amounting to $69 billion 820 million. It is expected that in 2020, Chinese overseas investment along the Belt and Road Initiative "will reach trillion. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Liu Juntao)相关的主题文章: