The Spring Festival in old district of Hebei started soprano Wang Xinyan back at the scene in the ne govos

The Spring Festival in old district of Hebei started soprano Wang Xinyan back at the scene – Beijing, the famous singer, national first level actor Li Yuanhua (left) and MS. Wang Xinyan at the launching ceremony, Beijing, September 21, September 20th 2017 (Zhu Wanming), the old TV Spring Festival Gala in Hebei District News Conference and launch ceremony in the program selection held in Zhuozhou. Local leaders, performing large coffee and media reporters more than 500 people copolymerization ceremony. The event is organized by the National Organizing Committee of the National People’s Congress for the Spring Festival Gala, as well as the National Organizing Committee for the selection of the middle-aged and old TV Spring Festival Gala in Hebei. According to organizers, since mid August, the Organizing Committee of Hebei District in just one month to prepare wildly beating gongs and drums, program selection started to be held on schedule. Actively participate in the Spring Festival Gala is through a variety of art forms and cultural products, enrich the spiritual life of the majority of older friends, so that each one of the elderly to participate in the spirit of the world feel wealthier and pleasure. To live happily and do something to enhance the well-being of the elderly. CPC Zhuozhou municipal government leaders attended the meeting and delivered a speech, said the activities carried out fully affirmed and actively support. To start the ceremony, the famous singer, national first level actor Li Yuanhua, actor Guo Weihua and other artists of the older generation to show guest selection cheer. The famous soprano, calligrapher, Oracle young researcher Wang Xinyan, as a special guest and the District art director attended the scene and stage to help out. The song "smile" Chinese, generous and full, grand and magnificent. With its original "stage show in the form of calligraphy book singing sound", combines music and calligraphy, unique artistry and appreciation of the scene, hold to warm applause. An interview with reporters at the scene, Wang Xinyan said that the China population aging situation is grim, the spiritual and cultural life needs of the elderly is becoming more and more obvious, we artists to make the elderly feel wealthier and the spiritual world of pleasure, to sincere enthusiasm for old friends for culture and entertainment arena, with old friends. Contribution and enjoy cultural feast. She also said that as the constituency of the art direction, will do their best to devote to the old friends of art work, let us show colorful. It is reported that 2017 of the National Spring Festival Gala in mid August this year, was officially launched in Beijing, the country is divided into the selection of the top ten constituencies and the selection of the top three. Ten constituencies together to participate in the elderly to provide a form of performance, regardless of occupation, regardless of the stage of the show. Through the organization of a variety of theatrical performances and selection, selection of outstanding program finished recording on the screen. Wang Xinyan appeared on the back side of the book while singing, writing "China smile" Wang Xinyan, soprano, young calligrapher, Oracle of young scholars. In the art of calligraphy and ancient writing research, learning calligraphy since childhood, and the inscriptions and Oracle calligraphy, has edited and co edited books: "oracle" paper-cut graphic "graphic" context "Oracle oracle.相关的主题文章: