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The storm "baptism" Zhejiang, cadres zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, emergency rescue and disaster relief in Wenzhou force "- September 16, (Li Qianqian) the fourteenth typhoon" Meranti this year "in 15, 3 in the morning 05 points before and after landing in the coastal areas of Xiangan District of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, a wave of rain water. Under its influence, the Mid Autumn Festival, Wencheng County of Wenzhou city in It is raining cats and dogs. in Zhejiang Province, severely affected. In the face of a sudden storm, Wencheng on cadres working, have opened the emergency rescue and disaster relief mode, constitute the most beautiful scenery under the rain. In September 14th 8, 16, 8, raging storm Wencheng County, rainfall of 274.9 mm, resulting in 113 thousand and 500 people were affected, 24 houses collapsed, 1 people were killed, 1 missing, 177 million 840 thousand yuan in direct economic losses, destroyed many roads, serious water. 15, 12 pm, Wencheng County in southern nine Tian Zhen Xin Zhai to leaf Hill Village Road impassable due to landslides, and six or seven houses were water invasion, water is more than the adult chest. The villagers received a distress call, South Town community family planning Hua Xihai immediately notify the joint leadership, and the first time to organize emergency rescue teams rushed to the cave. In the implementation of operation after the excavator decided to use the pathway, afraid of other vehicles Xihai China once again into the road, then moved to the stones as caution in the intersection. In order to record the rescue scene, Hua Xihai also accidentally fell into a roadside ditch. "I just saw his head when he fell down." Remember a thrilling scene, still haunt the villagers involved in the rescue. In order to let Hua Xihai better rest, the villagers took him back to rest, but not long after, he saw a change of clothes, and returned to the squad, continue to the scene to rescue. Hua Xihai’s insistence and pay, infected with the presence of all the people. And not far from the three village, the village secretary Zheng Xiaoqun in his action recounting the warmth of the storm. 15, in the town of San Yuan Cun Nan Tian Wencheng County, rain harder and harder, more and more high level, seeing the village level small pit is over the road, Zheng Xiaoqun immediately react — the transfer of personnel. In the notice after Zheng Xiaoqun found from door to door, gurgling water has poured into his home, but he did not care, "on the edge of a small hole is also suffering from foot diseases of the elderly live, saving lives!" As soon as possible in order to transfer the old man, Zheng Xiaoqun simply took off "in the way" raincoat, wading back the old man walked slowly to safety. Subsequently, he turned to continue to shift the other staff, his home was left behind. No Valentine’s love in the wind and rain, is the heart warming story in Wencheng staged, in everyone’s concerted efforts, as of now, a total population of 3 thousand and 620 people Wencheng transfer. 16 afternoon, the rain gradually stopped, the wind subsides after a rainstorm, Wencheng gradually restore calm in the past, and the wind and rain in the warm, will continue to be the backbone of Wencheng repair reforming. (end)相关的主题文章: