The temperature of Nanjing cliff type fall next Wednesday a minimum of 2 DEG C or snow Ying (video) roxane hayward

The temperature of Nanjing cliff type fall next Wednesday a minimum of 2 DEG C or as if in a Nanjing Ying snow will rain on weekends "spell". Yesterday, Nanjing not only rain, but also fog! Many people ask, what is the fog or haze yesterday? Some people even questioned the weather, so much haze, why only release the fog warning without haze? Meteorological experts said, fog and haze often occur together, can be converted to each other, but there is no haze fog yesterday. How to distinguish between fog and haze? In fact, mainly to see the relative humidity, the relative humidity is greater than 90%, that is, fog, yesterday, the relative humidity in most parts of Jiangsu in more than 95%. In addition, the visibility range is different. The level of fog visibility less than 1 km, the haze level of visibility less than 10 km. And from the naked eye, fog color white, yellow, orange and gray haze. The reporter learned from the Nanjing ferry company, affected by the fog this morning, 7:20 start to stop the ferry across the river. The ferry company responsible person said, the fog visibility is very poor, according to the plan for the first time to start the fog suspended. Many people can not cross the river, only anxiously waiting at the pier. Suspended after the first time, launched the emergency plan to cross the river connecting passengers. Emergency call the bus passengers to berth, as long as the ferry bus will not open, uninterrupted been parking passengers. Due to the atmospheric stability, leading to pollution is not easy to spread, according to the environmental protection department monitoring data show that the concentration of air pollutants in fog sky is still increasing trend, please note that when people go out allergic constitution. Meteorological Observatory continues to issue fog warning. Due to atmospheric stability, which along the Yangtze River and South of Jiangsu local areas last night, there is still fog or fog this morning. Despite the recent rain and fog weather intertwined, stuffy, but at least it is more comfortable. If you hate this weather, by next week you will definitely regret it… Because it was..! Next week, the Nanjing Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a major weather report, the evening of 21 before and after the impact of cold air from the north to the south of Jiangsu, there will be strong wind cooling and precipitation weather. The north and the Huaibei area 22-23 province Huaihe River, rain and sleet or snow weather. Nanjing next Wednesday or the first snow. 22 is the twenty-four solar term snow solar term, Nanjing average winter in November 21st. But the average Nanjing snow day is in December 14th, just as the year is not much snow in November, recently in 2009 November 16th. [Nanjing] short-term weather forecast of meteorological station in Nanjing city in November 20, 2016 05 issued a Nanjing weather forecast today the city’s sometimes overcast with light rain and fog in the city of northeast wind morning local area 4 to 5 today: the city’s highest temperature 17 to 18 DEG C. the morning minimum temperature: the city’s 13 to 14 DEG C. November 21st overcast with light rain in the city the highest temperature in November 21st the city: 16 to 17 DEG C. the lowest temperature in November 22nd: the 8 c to 9 C in November 22nd overcast with light rain in the city: the city’s highest temperature in November 22nd of 9 to 10 DEG C. the lowest temperature in November 23rd: the city’s 2 to 3 DEG C. It is said that the city Chinese root according to the weather can be divided into three categories: one is like an ordinary city of spring and summer continued相关的主题文章: