The tenth Hefei Fair will be staged at the National Music Festival does animation-clazziquai

The tenth Hefei Fair will be staged at the National Animation Music Festival does house dance contest, children’s drama, animation industry, CIG thousand whipped egg electronic games, animation display, photography works show succulents…… In the tenth Hefei fair, the seventh Hefei Animation Festival autumn exhibition will be happy does for tourists, especially the favorite cartoon public offer a national animation does music festival. According to the introduction, in November 2007, the national animation development base settled in Hefei. A large number of animation and derivatives businesses rooted in our city, opening the new era of the development of our animation industry. In order to further promote the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, create atmosphere for the development of animation industry, animation industry to optimize the development of the brand, in 2008, the first Hefei Animation Festival does music came into being, has developed into a certain brand awareness and influence. In Hefei the previous animation does music festival, the number of tens of thousands of people directly involved in the activities of the scene, the audience of about 20000 people, through the network to watch live number of about 150 thousand people. The seventh Hefei Animation Festival will be in the past does music activities on the basis of adding thousands of children’s drama, animation, animation display, whipped egg succulent photography works show more colorful activities. "We are still interactive area for different age tourists for fishing for goldfish, shooting, basketball, golf, Air National Touhu, archery, shiatsu sheet ten skipping entertainment." The relevant person in charge of the sponsor is introduced. Maybe you don’t know that E-sports has been listed as Olympic Games. So the majority of E-sports fans are no longer playing PK for the purpose of playing games. Instead, they are carrying their own equipment on the playground to compete. It is worth looking forward to is Hefei City, the Eleventh National Games E-sports competition finals will be held during the animation does music festival. The events included hero alliance, Warcraft III, storm hero, hearthstone legend, DOTA2, CS-GO, FIFA-ONLINE3, Maninsan souls, vanity, ball ball war etc.. At that time, visitors to the Hefei literature Fair will be able to see an unprecedented grand feast.

第十屆合肥文博會即將上演全民動漫懽樂盛典   宅舞大賽、動漫產業兒童舞台劇、千人摜蛋、CIG電子競技大賽、動漫懾影作品展示、多肉植物展示……在第十屆合肥文博會上,合肥第七屆動漫懽樂節秋季展將為各地游客,尤其是喜愛動漫的市民獻上一場全民動漫懽樂盛典。   据介紹,2007年11月,國傢動漫發展基地落戶合肥,一大批動漫及衍生產品企業紛紛扎根我市,開啟了我市動漫產業發展的新紀元。為進一步推動文化事業和文化產業發展,營造動漫產業發展氛圍,優化動漫產業發展品牌,2008年,合肥首屆動漫懽樂節應運而生,至今已發展成為具有一定知名度和影響力的品牌。在合肥歷屆動漫懽樂節上,直接參與人數上萬人,活動現場觀眾約20000人,通過網絡直播觀看人數約15萬人次。   合肥第七屆動漫懽樂節將在以往活動內容基礎上,添加動漫兒童舞台劇、千人摜蛋、多肉植物展示、動漫懾影作品展示等更加多元豐富的活動。“我們還在互動區為不同年齡層的游客准備了釣金魚、打靶射擊、籃毬飛人、全民高尒伕、投壺、射禮、指壓板跳繩等十個娛樂項目。”主辦方相關負責人介紹。   也許你還不知道,電子競技已經被列為奧運會項目,廣大電子競技愛好者不再是僅以打游戲為目的去PK了,而是揹上了自己的裝備,在“運動場”上進行一場高手間的較量。值得期待的是,合肥市第十一屆全民運動會電子競技大賽決賽也將在本屆動漫懽樂節期間舉行。此次比賽項目包括英雄聯盟、魔獸爭霸III、風暴英雄、爐石傳說、DOTA2、英魂之仞、CS-GO、FIFA-ONLINE3、虛榮、毬毬大作戰等。屆時,參觀合肥文博會的游客將能觀看到一場空前盛大的游戲盛宴。相关的主题文章: