The thief stole everything was reluctant to stay away stolen house up to April sayu-02

The thief stole everything was reluctant to go for the stolen house up to April most thief stole everything will immediately leave the scene, to avoid being found. But a thief Xiejiawan police station Jiulongpo recently caught a bit special, he stole everything after the stolen house as their home, stayed for four months. November 10th, thanks to the police station received a public warning mr.. Mr. Wang told the police, a set of housing in Jiulongpo District Labor village, is currently vacant. A few days ago, he went back and found his own key can not open the door. So, Mr. Wang called the master lock, open the door. On entering the room, Mr. Wang to be frightened and change color home appliances, all gone, the house is in a mess, was stolen. At this time, Mr. Wang found a ring in the bedroom, then quietly walked into the bedroom, did not think there were people inside, while thieves do not pay attention to when he locked in the house, and immediately reported to the police. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene, the thief Zhang back to the police station. After police interrogation, Zhang confessed his theft of criminal facts. Originally, four months ago, Zhang idle all day in order to maintain their livelihood, they stem from the theft. A theft, Zhang inadvertently found Mr. Wang in the labor Village Houses uninhabited, it replaced the lock the door, and went to live there, and ant like house appliances will again move out sell. At present, Zhang suspicion of theft, has been taken to the police criminal coercive measures, the case is under further investigation. Reporter   Liu Pengfei相关的主题文章: