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The third times of lithography supporting the Silk Road Film Festival – Sohu billing entertainment autumn view, greet the festive season, picking the fruits, to enjoy the ancient city of Xi’an good third, the Silk Road International Film Festival in September 10th 10 in the morning, has been officially in the official ticketing platform "Guevara + micro ticket billing, purchase warm response. Data show that from September 18, 2016 to 23, a total of third Silk Road International Film Festival screenings of 320 films, the film according to the characteristics, contents, characteristics such as producer, the film is divided into 14 units of screenings, respectively "the Silk Road" Premiere "ASEAN film exhibition" guest country film exhibition "and" international award the essence of "the power" and "salute" repair master "classic" "focus" "women’s stories" and "animation" and "global roaming" and "China" short story "Carnival", "Chinese and foreign film screenings of 1480 games in total. Many of these films are fans of fans, did not reflect the first micro-blog platform on fire, "the last emperor", "flower village" and other classic repair videos for Japanese film master Yasujiro Otsu’s Thematic Interpretation, and focus on all kinds of movie recommendation content, are forwarded over thousands of comments, amounted to 200 show. A film of unspeakable charm. As one of the International Film Festival after Beijing, the Shanghai International Film Festival China within the most influential, the Silk Road International Film Festival brand influence is rising, and as the exclusive ticketing platform of the third Silk Road International Film Festival, lithography era’s Guevara + micro ticket platform from viewing. The ticket to the sale of derivatives, marketing, and other one-stop marketing strategy is to let the film festival will be a tiger with wings added excellent films, bring more viewers. Guevara + micro ticket combination, "micro" endless power for the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival, "Guevara + micro ticket" double platform in undertaking Film Festival on the road is not for beginners, but after training the Ever-victorious general, experienced, has successfully hosted the sixth Beijing International Film Festival, and the Title of the sixth Beijing International Film Festival the Beijing screenings unit, is the next three years the exclusive ticketing platform. The double platform and the Silk Road International Film Festival cooperation, will fully integrate the advantages of resources, the Internet financial elements into the traditional festival, with social interaction in the marketing action + users, provide new services for the comprehensive, reach the target of fans, Hui Ju Xi’an. In the film festival screenings of 320 films, 63 films were in Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Tokyo, Oscar and other famous International Film Festival Awards and nominations, 2015, and 2016 release of the movie 24. In order to make these good quality and more fans meet, billing on the eve of lithography era under the Guevara platform for them to offer a "must see classic series, repair all types of films recommended", exclusive analysis such as "the last emperor", "taxi driver" and other Chinese and foreign classic movies can not miss the point, a detailed description of the "map", "picnic" etc. Chinese taste roadside art films, as well as the "45 anniversary", "mechanical" Ji in such films.相关的主题文章: