The top 24 thousand bright black hard to find a machine jiqingwuyuetian

The top 24 thousand bright black hard to find a machine to visit the highest 24 thousand bright black hard to find a machine 17, 10 o’clock in the morning, the WCC reporter visited taishengnan a number of mobile phone stores, found that 5 colors iPhone7 and iPhone7 (plus) mobile phone, mobile phone can be purchased in stores, but in different colors, price gap big. In a shop near the SEG Plaza, sales staff told reporters that the current matte black iPhone7 plus, high prices than the official price of 2000 yuan, 9888 yuan price. The silver, gold, rose only 600 yuan higher than the official website, "bright black is the highest price, the price reached 24000 yuan, equivalent to 2 times more than the official website of the price, and the day had not arrived." Subsequently, the reporter visited 6 stores, each store has said, did not shine black sample machine, if you want to buy, you need to spend $22000 to $24000, waiting for at least one day to get. "Bright black is very small, it is difficult for us to get the goods." A salesman surnamed Li said, from 16 in the morning after 11, mobile phone prices began soaring bright black, until now still hovering around 24000 yuan, even if the money does not necessarily buy, but the store has not been bought, mostly to ask the price." Sales: 4 into the buyer for the students in the course of the visit, the reporter found that, with the small Liao to buy Apple’s students are not the same. "September is the school season, many students come to the store of purchase." 11 in the morning on the 17 day, taishengnan a mobile phone stores, sales staff Ms. Wang said, from the beginning of the end of 7, apple mobile phone has been selling better, now iPhone7 out and catch up with the school season, "overall sales can also." Store in the sale of Apple phone, there are Samsung, HUAWEI, millet and other mobile phones." Ms. Wang pointed to the counter said, but many college students, college students are more willing to choose an Apple phone, from the past few months, the purchase of Apple’s crowd, college students accounted for at least three or four." "Do not use a doll, or to buy a child." Public Zhang said that this year his son just entered a university in Chengdu, he promised before the college entrance examination, high school does not have a cell phone, and so on the university to buy apple." He did not expect, the child saw a matte black iPhone7, there is no price on the official website, or 6988 yuan, but it is difficult to make an appointment." Tried several times not to buy, he reluctantly spent 9 thousand yuan in a mobile phone shop to buy it, "the equivalent of me more than a month’s wages."相关的主题文章: