The typhoon catfish in Wenzhou caused 587 thousand and 200 people affected the economic loss of

The typhoon "catfish" caused by 587 thousand and 200 people were affected in Wenzhou economic losses over 1 billion 200 million yuan – Beijing Zhejiang online Hangzhou September 29th news (Zhejiang online reporter Wu Jiayu editor Chen Jian) by the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish", up to now, Wenzhou has a total of 587 thousand and 200 people were affected, tolls direct economic losses of 1 billion 229 million yuan. Reporters from Wenzhou city to learn, affected by the typhoon, southern Wenzhou hit, Taishun, Wencheng, Ruian and other places of the site a few days to reach 500 mm of rainfall. Among them, Wenzhou County Water Town Pingyang Village Road, the deepest water is a world of waters, more than 2 meters. In September 28th 15, Pingyang County town gate dump heavy rain, river, river building domain at danger. The face of sudden danger, the town government quickly organized personnel rushed to the place, to the masses of lifeline. Sudden heavy rain, the water level in the river surge, taking into account the gate bridge and the bridge collapse phenomenon may occur, the town quickly organized the four team staff, all in place within 15 minutes, to prevent the entrance ends sticking to two bridge, the bridge and the masses along the river walk persuasion transfer. In the vicinity of the town middle school, because of the rising water to the road 1 meters high, 23 chance to escape the residents trapped, and most of the mobility of the elderly. As soon as possible to rescue trapped people, deputy mayor followed the emergency team jumped into the mud 1 meters high, back and forth for the two time, carrying the elderly out of danger. Meanwhile, the local party and government cadres to take the lead in organizing the transfer of more than 30 people, within 1 hours of the successful transfer of more than and 300 people. As of September 28th 23, Wenzhou affected population of 587 thousand and 200 people, direct economic losses of $1 billion 229 million. Among them, 114 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 377 thousand acres, 194 thousand and 100 acres of inundated area, an area of 36 thousand and 400 acres of crops; highway interrupted 513 times, 138 times the power interruption, communications interrupted 25 times.相关的主题文章: