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The United States think tank "with the United States China pheasant rendering" view of sensational data figure: U.S. aircraft carrier formation show Wu Liyuan Title: Beauty "with the United States think tank Chinese pheasant rendering" point of view "we have China sensational", according to the voice of America reported on 21, this is an American think-tank, "the new American security center" the name of the site. According to reports, the main demands of the site is to warn American citizens, is the rise of China in a variety of ways to enter the United States to control the right of choice of the United States, China is gradually owned by the United states". Global Times correspondent in the United States has never heard of this think tank, the Internet does not have any valuable information about the think tank. Chinese scholar Li Haidong 22 expressed their views on the question. "Global Times" reporter 22, "see, we have Chinese website background for the red cover map of the United States, the upper left corner is the five-star red flag, the site is divided into six parts: interactive map, key facts, references, and video updates, the white paper. The key fact said: "the Communist Party and the alliance Chinese" Chinese Wanda Group has purchased the AMC cinema and legendary pictures, AMC is the acquisition of Carmike pictures, if the case through, will form the largest cinema chain, has more than and 600 theaters, 8380 American film control screen; 15 radio station Chinese International broadcasting the radio studio has taken control of the United States of Boston, Losangeles, Washington and other places; 69% of Americans believe that if some foreign government censorship and propaganda history, so the government should stop the government involved in the movie news company purchase. The white paper published on the website entitled "China’s hidden strength in the United States to show their skills", a total of 13 pages. The quality question said: the CPC will allow American companies to buy China radio broadcast content and control? Does the Communist Party allow American companies to buy Chinese film production and distribution systems to spread American values? "Any objective observer knows that this will not happen. None of this, however, prevents China from selling its ideas overseas, especially in the United states." The article said that from the South China Sea to the west, Chinese strengthened the influence of the international community, mainly through two aspects: hard power and soft power, and Chinese acquisition of American film and television industry, is an important manifestation of China in play and to expand its soft power. The site also expressed dissatisfaction with the "Hollywood of the United States began to review in order to have more opportunities to enter the Chinese market". The voice of America said 21 U.S. Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) television program "60 minutes" replay on Sunday the show in April this year, specifically referred to the film and television industry Chinese attacked the U.S. ". According to the program, the film industry fast development Chinese, has now reached the same time look at fiercely as a tiger does Hollywood competition. In addition to Wanda in the United States acquisitions, in the acquisition of the Chicago stock exchange, Shuanghui group’s acquisition of American pork producer Smith Field food company, is the site for "China buyout evidence of America". Finally, the article said: "let the Chinese government and its companies enter the free market of the United States without any obstacles.相关的主题文章: