The winter cold to eat what

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winter cold to eat what? Cold physique friends to winter is not that tough? Is there any way to warm up your stomach? Today, Xiaobian for everyone moves it, there are many recipes and fruits have Nuanwei effect, do not miss.

winter Nuanwei eat what fruit


relieve gastric acid


regulates gastrointestinal


anti gastric ulcer


Xiaoshi Zhixie


: apple apple flat, apple can relieve gastric acid, when many people in winter, when the cold yin or unreasonable diet, often pan acid, very uncomfortable. If you eat an apple at this time, the stomach will soon be comfortable. Apple contains a kind of polyphenols magic apple phenol, easily dissolved in water, which is easily absorbed by the body.

grape : grapes can regulate the stomach, grapes contain a lot of fruit acid can help digestion, clean up the garbage, and Escherichia coli and other bacteria have antibacterial effect. Grape also contains vitamin P, can reduce gastric acid toxicity, treatment of gastritis, enteritis and vomiting.

pomegranate : Pomegranate temperature, as well as a variety of amino acids and trace elements, help digestion, anti gastric ulcer and other functions. Can stomach refreshing, enhance appetite effect.

: pineapple pineapple sweet and warm, with the efficacy of Xiaoshi Zhixie, Jieshu thirst.


winter Nuanwei recipes recommended

brown sugar ginger pot

pork stomach