The woman raised money to help his father after the family travel abroad by the exposure of users tsumori chisato

The woman raised money to help his father after the family travel abroad by netizens exposure 6, there are users in the WeChat Post said, a woman Anxi launched in August to easily raise raised nearly 20 thousand yuan, but the family holiday travel abroad. Netizen: launched online is easy to raise family travel it is understood that the woman surnamed Huang, the night of August 11th this year, her father because of a car accident injury, after the diagnosis, the right fibula comminuted fracture, the need for surgery several times, before and after the surgery costs need 150 thousand, after a raise to raise 80 thousand cash, capital operation is still there are gaps. A month ago, she raised the goal of raising the amount of 60 thousand yuan in the easy to raise the platform, and ultimately raised $19369. September 25th, the woman also posted thank you, saying it would end early fundraising. But in the screenshot released by users, the national day these days, Ms. Wong’s circle of friends but drying out and friends in Singapore to play photos. "Father you fracture, fundraising, Singapore to play the every few days?" News release, many users feel puzzled and angry. 6 at noon, Ms. Huang issued a circle of friends said: "our family trip to Singapore all expenses is my husband’s Sister Bear, her side and side relatives work together than we have in life was hard to China! I need it next surgery third times, I have clarified the following expenses from our own people still take things that i……" But there are still many netizens questioned, friends @ blah sauce _miumiu said "this is a matter of family donations premise can’t afford, need is really poor family. Afraid to get the final, those people who really need help but because the wolf can not get help." Netizen @ big blind, said: we are not angry when your father was sick when you go out to play, after all, this is your personal behavior does not represent your father’s condition is not serious. But you are in your or your family’s economic conditions have the ability to support the father’s medical expenses, so that everyone Shi Shebo sympathy not to take the money, and then follow the rich relatives to play abroad. Fundraising people: travel expenses to bear the burden of friends and relatives to prepare to refund the fund-raising yesterday, the reporter linked to Ms. Wong to understand the matter. For this trip, Ms. Huang said, did not think of is planned in the father before the accident, one family to visit more than ten years no see elder sister, in July bought a ticket, the cost is paid by her sister. MS Wong said, she did not expect such a public opinion will occur because of fund-raising, in August 11th his father had a car accident, when the traffic police ruled that they bear 70% of the responsibility. Accident on the other side of the driver was paid more than thirteen thousand yuan, and the rest of the operating costs incurred by ms.. At that time, a colleague recommended her to raise the public platform, when they did not have much money, so the choice of all the chips. But her mother-in-law know this, did not agree, she said it owed much to repay the favor, after slowly, and she was soon ahead of the end of the fund-raising. Ms. Huang said, the fund-raising ten thousand yuan, mostly from relatives and friends around, she said, the money raised all over him. At present, Ms. Wong’s father has two surgery, spending $eighty thousand相关的主题文章: