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The World tyrants sing new "gold rings" debut film rights to sell the 40 million – Sohu culture channel newspaper news (reporter Xiao Yang) the World tyrants sing how the fire? The new book is not out, the right to sell the film to sell 40 million. A book "gold rings" full copyright operation before the conference, the World tyrants sing this valuable new "gold rings" was finally unveiled. The World tyrants sing said that this book for about two years, "I cannot bear to think of the past, the heart has died." "Gold rings" tells a story happened in 1960s. A movement across the whole China go forward with great strength and vigour. "I was assigned to the army, and the fat farm of Heilongjiang production and Construction Corps three Division No. 17 farm. With winter approaching, we arrange three people and old platoon correspondent pointed fruit left behind their care supplies, other people out of the farm tie. A few people keep the farm, but found in the warehouse of firewood is decreasing. Snow mountain, firewood is a few people. The original is a fox demon of revenge, sneak away firewood. Recently, a snowstorm swept not occur even in a hundred years, people design wants to grab the fox, but had fled from Siberia to the wolves. The people to escape, followed the fox into a hole in the earth, but accidentally entered a secret Millennium Liao tomb……" The World tyrants sing will be good at the ups and downs of the story, ancient heritage, mysterious relic, friendship between the brothers and many other elements together, "" the same gold rings. The book element complex, both ancient myths, and the occult, Feng Shui Genie Zhiyi new elements. And the language style of mature mellow, influence everywhere traditional culture and folk novels of the World tyrants sing, makes the World tyrants sing has inexhaustible inexhaustible cultural materials, and each works show different folk culture. 2015 is known as "the World tyrants sing", based on his novel of the two big movie grossed more than 2 billion 300 million, and the network broadcast season drama, drama and so on, the new "gold rings" unpublished was more than the strength of the film company at school. Held in Hangzhou in the second session of the copyright cooperation and trade, the book of the book has not been published, the right to adapt the film auction took the highest price of 40 million yuan. Xinhua Publishing Pioneer Technology Co. Ltd. chairman Wang Ming said: "gold rings" super network drama adaptation rights, game adaptation rights, theatrical adaptation rights and games, publishing rights and overseas distribution rights, how much is this several combined? The World tyrants sing to create a miracle, a work has been far more than one hundred million of the proceeds. This can be said to be a landmark event in the history of publishing." According to reports, "gold rings" series of plans will write eight. Just finished the first book, has complained: "the World tyrants sing really cannot bear to think of the past, the heart has died." Pa said that this type of story has a particularly serious problem, the same routine, stereotyped, it is difficult to go beyond the existing works, if you can not write a new story, it is better not to write. Since it is necessary to write, it is necessary to have their own time, because a person can create energy in the past few years, since it has been used for so long, be sure to write."相关的主题文章: