The young guy or abducted twenty years after Suzhou tracing final reunion Mid Autumn Festival

The young guy or abducted twenty years after Suzhou tracing eventually reunited shortly before the Mid Autumn Festival, the police suddenly found in Suzhou Zhangjiagang citizens Li said that he is abducted by 20 years ago. Now he wants the police to help him collect DNA information to find family. Li recalled, in 1996 new year’s day, because relatives wedding, parents to help, the 7 year old Li and the other three children alone at home. Then suddenly came a strange woman. Li said, when the woman told himself, grandpa in the market to sell fruit, Xiao Li followed each other. After leaving, Mike sat on the other side of the car. Until they were pulled to a strange place, young Li was found wrong. Over the next few months, he and the woman went to a lot of places, eventually, he was sold to a family in Fujian, Putian. Xiao Li said, at that time is relatively small, do not remember how to go home, but also very good for their parents, so has not been looking for biological parents. Until the last two years, they have the economic ability to listen to others say that you can find relatives through the acquisition of DNA. So he went to the police station to collect the DNA information, I did not expect the news came soon. Comparison results found that Li’s DNA information and a couple of Guizhou match. Zhangjiagang Suzhou City Public Security Bureau DNA laboratory police Li Zhongjie said, DNA matching degree of more than 99.99%, thus further verification, which is consistent with the biological relationship between the three. Li said that he has been particularly eager to find their own parents, did not expect so soon realized. In September 14th, the old father in Guizhou flew to Zhangjiagang overnight. Mid autumn festival day, respectively, 20 years, the family finally reunited. Although parents recognize, but Li said, parents upbringing, he won’t forget. He will take care of both parents in the future. The police said, this is the history of Suzhou City, the first through the DNA detection by police to turn the case of family reunion. Also remind the general public, usually do not send their children to stay at home alone or let the children go out to play alone, to prevent criminals loophole.相关的主题文章: