These Metal Roof Designs Offer Homeowners More Options Than Ever Before

One of the reasons homeowners do not always like to choose metal roofs is because they like the look of other materials and feel other materials fit their home better. Today, metal roofing companies are offering more in the way of design options than ever before so homeowners can choose metal shingles that look just like their favorite roof styles.

What Types of Designs Are AVailable?

To make sure a homeowner makes the right choice for metal roofs, they need to know what options they have available to them. Metal roof companies realize traditional metal roofs do not always appeal to all homeowners, so they are creating amazing designs that allow homeowners to truly enjoy the look of their new roof without compromising the longevity metal roofs offer. The following are some of the design types that are being introduced to the market.

Homeowners can now purchase metal roofs that look just like traditional asphalt-shingled roofs. The metal is coated in stone flecks, and the resulting finish often fools homeowners who cannot tell the difference between the metal roof and an asphalt one. The coating of this type of metal does not change its strength or longevity, it simply changes the way the roof material is perceived by the eye.

There is also the option of a wood shaker look that offers the look of wood with the longevity of metal. Most people that see these roofs in place cannot believe they are not looking at a wood shake roof. The amazing details of design that are put into these shingles fool the eye and make people think a wood roof has just been installed.

For those who love Mediterranean looks, there is a metal roofing shingle that is made to look just like clay tiles. Many homes cannot have clay tiles installed because they cannot support the weight. With this option, homeowners can have the look they want without the major upkeep.

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