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These people don’t use hot feet, too terrible! Sohu health during the autumn and winter, the most comfortable than, warm to soak a hot water feet. However, whether everyone can soak hot feet? Bubble hot feet really like the legendary so magical? Don’t worry, today we invited the deputy director of Chengdu City Third People’s Hospital Department of Cardiology doctor Liu Hanxiong, a secret hot foot bath. Hot feet "magic" there is a saying called "keep the tree mulch, raise foot". Another sentence is "old enough to decline, cold feet malady". As the saying goes, "the foot is the second heart of the people", to protect our feet, for our health is also of great benefit. Hot foot bath is conducive to physical and mental health, which is recognized by the public. Doctor Liu also believes that for ordinary people, is a kind of hot water bubble is a way of keeping good health. From the Western point of view, the hot water soaking helps to promote blood circulation, help the body detoxification, relieve the fatigue of the day. Stimulate the nerves of the foot, so that the body relax, help sleep. In addition, hot water foot bath can expel cold feet, effectively prevent the occurrence of cold. From the Chinese point of view, the feet have a lot of points, plus hot foot bath foot massage can effectively stimulate these points, to Shu meridians, the purpose of physical fitness. Hot water soaking is beneficial to many systemic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, etc., can alleviate the symptoms of these diseases. But for the folk "hot feet, equal to the good medicine", Dr. Liu has a different point of view, he pointed out that the hot water bubble is a kind of health care method, is not a substitute for drugs, but not a substitute for professional treatment. Experts also emphasized that some people is not recommended for hot water soaking. What is hot feet? Dr. Liu introduced, when people suffer from some diseases, or in a certain state, is not suitable for hot water soaking. In the end is what people do? Don’t worry, follow Xiaobian to see it. 1 serious heart disease, hypotension, their feet with hot water, the body will lead to the expansion of blood vessels, blood will flow to the surface by the important organs, which will lead to the heart, brain and other important organs relative ischemia and hypoxia, which for heart disease, hypotension, risk will increase their incidence. Low blood pressure is lower than the normal circulation of the general term, in general, according to conventional measurement method, the measurement of adult brachial artery blood pressure below 90 60mmHg (12 8.0kPa), can be referred to as hypotension. Hypotension caused by many reasons, some patients itself belongs to low blood pressure body, either because of heart disease and other diseases, and because of taking the treatment of other diseases, drugs such as hypertension, angina pectoris caused by. For patients with low blood pressure, diet should not be too light, should be moderate intake of salt, nutrition. When the body changes as the toilet, get up when you want to guard against dizziness, and even faint. Dr. Liu stressed that if it is caused by other diseases such as heart disease, hypotension, should be promptly to the hospital, in the doctor’s finger.相关的主题文章: