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Thirty-four years as one day   crutches propped up the platform — Life Education — bent, straight arm, head up, Nanjing University of Finances and Economics professor Han Yao wrote on the blackboard "APA" two words, let the students back to see clearly. "We remember the name, is the origin of Internet arpanet." He said. Although the writing is not high, but this simple action is very difficult for Han yao. At 9:45 on September 6th, Han Yao 10 minutes ahead of time came to Nanjing University of Finances and Economics, Building 102, room 1, to the students to talk about the Internet economy of the times, the first to put a video warm. Before class, he has sent the PPT courseware to the students, the two books of the electronic version, requiring students to choose a book. A class of time, he turned to writing on the blackboard a dozen times, finished cleaning, wipe the writing. The blackboard is to remind students, more telling stories and case, stimulate their interest in learning". Break time, Han Yao went out of the classroom, in the corridor on crutches rest, he smiled and explained: "it is not a long time standing, standing waist very ache." Supported by crutches, Han Yao has insisted on the podium for 34 years. In 1978, Han Yao admitted to the University, third, he suddenly felt pain, almost unable to walk. The doctor told him that he was suffering from the world belongs to the "die of cancer Difficult miscellaneous diseases" — ankylosing spondylitis, this disease less than three years, more than five years, it is possible to paralysis. After a period of frustration, Han Yao chose how to live on how to live the life of the road. Standing on the podium, eager to look forward to the eyes of the students let me find the value of their existence, as long as not paralyzed, I will continue to teach." Han Yao said. With the development of the illness, his neck began not rotate, can not stand for a long time, but also very difficult to walk on crutches. During the lecture, he can only maintain an action, often interrupted by terrible pain. But he is still obsessed with the classroom, take 3 campus teaching tasks, each semester to take more than two courses, the teaching workload over the prescribed periods of more than 1 times. The teacher can teach students the specific knowledge is always limited, to teach students the way of thinking makes them a lifetime." Han Yao said. Research teaching is a major feature of Han Yao, he encouraged the students to carry out research and practice, as long as interested in the study of Han, the teacher will give guidance, or let them join their own research, he guided the students on several occasions at the national or provincial prizes. "There is no teacher without me today, he gave me a lot of guidance." Chengdu is now a number of products and Technology Co., Ltd. chairman of the board of directors and CEO said. 3 years ago, was the way with your partner to jointly invest 30 thousand yuan founded several renme products company, the company has become the largest big data solutions provider, PWC, Ping chips, Xinhua news agency and other services, the valuation of the company amounted to 1 billion 800 million yuan, is planning a stock A city. Han Yao said: I did not do e-commerce, students need to practice cases to summarize the analysis of e-commerce." He set up a number of QQ group, and graduation相关的主题文章: