This method can be used to treat baby vomiting

1, the concept of vomiting

The so-called

Chinese medicine refers to vomiting, stomach disharmony, cause stomach Shangni, so that the stomach diseases in milk and food from the stomach through the mouth to retrograde out. There is no age and seasonal restrictions on vomiting, but because of the physiological structure of the infant and the spleen and stomach function is not mature and other reasons, so the incidence of vomiting is high, and the most prone to hot summer.

two, the cause of vomiting

on the one hand because the children do not know satiety, crapulent, no discrimination on their own harmful and beneficial food, those bright colors, cute appearance, taste sweet and sour snacks are often their favorite, but these foods, such as puffed food, drinks, jelly, candy added lots of preservatives and so on, once excessive intake of snacks, become a staple food for the children will be the function of the spleen and stomach caused no small damage; on the other hand, because of the partial eclipse and other reasons, like Feiganhouwei, bored of growing spleen, has also become a factor in the baby vomit; hot summer weather, eating cold, causing stomach chills,. Abnormally and vomiting; the baby suddenly frightened, leading to Qi, disharmony of liver and stomach, can also cause vomiting.

we mentioned here are vomiting, due to various reasons the baby stomach injury, disorder, not organic diseases caused by the clinical trial for children with vomiting, should pay attention to the etiology, identification of all kinds of different causes of vomiting, disease combined with dialectical, can make the patients get the correct treatment not to delay the disease.

three, vomiting of traditional Chinese medicine massage treatment

parents holding the baby sitting opposite the operator (help eliminate tension)