This part of Shijiazhuang will be scheduled to see if there is no power to your home

This part of the Shijiazhuang area will be scheduled to see if there is no part of your home this year, Shijiazhuang will be part of the power outage, to see if you have a home? Planned outage maintenance is a necessary measure to ensure the long-term safe operation of power system. October 31st: 463 Agricultural Station Blackout Zone friendship friendship Agricultural Station: 443 line line. 2016-10-31 05:00 2016-11-31 22:00 to the outage time main power range Friendship Station 463: Hebei Academy of agriculture and Forestry (another road 455), Hebei Provincial Administration of work safety (another 353); Friendship Station 443: Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce first logistics service center (another road 353), Hebei three Yuan Food Co. the company (another 353), Hebei Radio and TV University (another 353), Chinese Bank branch stone (another road 353), Shijiazhuang Wei help Property Services Limited (another road 353), Hebei Shenglun Property Services Limited (another 464). Friendship Station 463: municipal authorities third kindergarten, Shijiazhuang Baofa Property Service Co. Ltd., North China branch dormitory; Friendship Station 443: Health Supervision Bureau, Health Bureau of Hebei province Shijiazhuang City Song Run Property Services Limited, Shijiazhuang City real estate management office, Hebei Junkai Property Service Co. Ltd., Shijiazhuang Dongfang Thermoelectric Group Co. Ltd. heating company, Shijiazhuang City Construction Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. of Shijiazhuang City Construction Investment Group Holdings limited. (Friendship Road Office Station 43 line) cooperation integrated service station Hui Mei restaurant, Shijiazhuang City real estate management office, Shijiazhuang Municipal People’s Government Housing Office (room), municipal government organs housing office, the western suburbs of Shijiazhuang heating Co. Ltd. (Hebei province Shijiazhuang Qiaoxi municipal peace road dormitory in Shijiazhuang City, real exchange station) the property management office, the provincial foreign trade textile hostel owners committee, Shijiazhuang City real estate management department, directly under the authority of the outpatient department, Hebei provincial real estate service center, Hebei provincial real estate service center (public building), Hebei provincial real estate service center (heating station lighting), Hebei provincial real Estate Service Center (street), Hebei provincial real estate service center (South Gate), Hebei provincial real estate (heat exchange service center Station), Hebei provincial organs of seventh kindergarten, Xiyuan primary school in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Real Estate Service Center (East Gate), Peace West 506# municipal government administrative office dormitory dormitory, Airport Road, Xiyuan District No. 168 North Street Friendship North Hospital, Friendship Avenue North District of Hebei city in Shijiazhuang Province Xinhua Hospital No. 191 (friendship; 443 stations across the board area) housing office, street neighborhood Comprehensive Distribution Department, University Road, grain and oil food store, Chinese medicine Hebei lerentang pharmaceutical chain Co. Ltd. (peace road 435 (former Airport Road No. 5), cooperative Road Office Community Service Center, the first cooperative road community health service station, Hebei Fangda import and export company. Hebei fangder import and export company (pump), Hebei fangder import and export company (R & D), r..相关的主题文章: