Thousands of tourists in Taiwan, survival only because of the tourists greatly reduced – Sohu news-sweets parade

Thousands of tourists in Taiwan to "survive" only because of the big drop in tourists – Sohu news Taiwan, the tourists carrying banners and banners parade. Figure Taiwan people’s tourism industry on the streets of Taipei on the 12 March to protest, to the demands of the authorities to survive, have a job, can eat and clothing". The island’s experts believe that the root cause of street protests is the Taiwan authorities refused to recognize the 92 consensus". The ten thousand industry in March 1 yesterday afternoon, protesters in Huashan Creative Park set. Although Taipei began to rain in the afternoon, but when the reporter arrived at 1 pm Huashan Cultural Park, the scene has gathered a lot of protesters. A lot of people wearing a "912 out" T-shirts and disposable raincoat, holding a "save sightseeing, Gu belly" "don’t let the tourist become light" on both sides of a pro "warmly welcome the mainland compatriots to Alishan Tour" and other slogans and banners. The procession shouting slogans, the main venue by road and other sections of the road, love to Ketagalan avenue. According to Taipei police statistics, to 3:30 p.m., the protest was more than 15000 people. This is the September 3rd outbreak of the military and government for the first time after the parade, island and a massive street protests. The tourism industry has come to the initiator of critical juncture new administration took office, the first was the impact of the tourism industry. To reduce the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan, the industry struggling 100 days, but can not wait until the authorities put forward complete strategies and supporting scheme. The originators of the protests — Taiwan tourism industry will issue a self-help book self-help Appeal said, in the past we believe the DPP love Taiwan, but now can not eat. We believe that the ruling party in Taiwan will be good in the past, but now there is no work. We believe that the new leaders of the ruling will maintain the status quo, but now can not support the family. The tourism industry has reached a critical juncture. Taiwan Travel Trade Association spokesman Li Qiyue said in an interview, the parade of people from all walks of life, including hotels, tour industry, tour guide, even the laundry. The two sides opened the door to support hundreds of thousands of people in Taiwan, how can we help hundreds of thousands of people to find the next opportunity, which is the most important purpose of our parade today." Li Qiyue said that many people in this industry are relying on an endless supply of mainland tourists in life. "When there were no mainland tourists in 2003, I lived on a canned, a bowl of seaweed and egg soup for two days." The tour guide industry on behalf of Huang Junjie took the floor in the main hall said, mainland tourists can let him eat meals. Huang Junjie also broke the tour guide card. He said that the world is welcome mainland tourists, the United Nations statistics of mainland tourists accounted for the first place in the world, Taiwan is opposed to Lu Ke, "this guide card useful?" Practitioners of "520" to now no one day to sleep Taiwan Tourism Department said that from 1 to July the number of tourists to Taiwan still maintain positive growth. But participants in the protests from personal experience that is not the case. Open a tea shop in Chiayi shopkeeper Lin Meimei urged the Taiwan authorities to see the horrors of the people. She said before"相关的主题文章: