Three advantages of Yongqing to undertake Dahongmen is imperative-cosmax

The three advantage analysis of Yongqing Dahongmen to undertake the imperative in September 26th two sets of CCTV news, 9 minutes and 45 seconds, 11 minutes and 07 seconds of time reported that the Fengtai District red part goalkeeper moved to Guan, and completed in 2017, the future will bring 1 million 800 thousand jobs, tax revenues of about 36 billion yuan. This report just came out, which caused many puzzled customers who are optimistic about the potential of Yongqing. In fact, Guan’s signing Dahongmen is only part of the format’s undertaking. The main business logistics industry will be clothing and light textile industry. In May 2014, to ease the policy to help the Dahongmen eight main market and Yongqing formally signed in Dahongmen District of the wholesale market started in 2014, consumption of large business market operators to ease to undertake extensive investigation of wildly beating gongs and drums, eventually chose from Beijing 50 kilometer around Hebei in Yongqing. In May 2014, Dahongmen eight main market in Hebei and Yongqing formally signed in Hebei Yongqing construction of Yongqing International Trade Center, will be before the end of this year will complete the construction of the first block covers an area of 375 mu, building area of 510 thousand square meters, the second half of this year to determine the start investment, initially set the format of costume materials. Yongqing to Beijing moving batch, Dahongmen traffic advantage garment industry obviously Yongqing is located in the Beijing and Taiwan’s first stop, the regional transportation hub in the future is mainly to Beijing high-speed large artery operation, Beijing and Taiwan after the opening, only 20 minutes from Yongqing to Dahongmen District, can very good people in the major transport. And the Beijing new airport "five vertical two horizontal" traffic main road network will also improve Yongqing’s competitive chips. And the relocation of Fengtai District Dahongmen to Guan County, from the location point of view, Guan is not suitable for logistics transportation. Yongqing International Garment City started operation in 17 years, and formed the atmosphere of garment industry ahead of schedule. Yongqing International Garment City has been established, with a total area of 70 thousand mu. It is made up of Yongqing International Trade Center, Yongqing Yintai Center, Yongqing international financial city and Zhejiang new town. Among them, the Yongqing international business center has a total investment of 36 billion yuan, covers an area of 5000 acres, and is divided into two core functional areas, covering 3000 acres of trade and 2000 acres of logistics. The international garment city a has completed construction of 17 years will be put into use after the completion of here can accommodate 150 thousand clothing retail merchants settled, formed a set of fabrics, clothing, fabric, leisure and other professional clothing industry group, Yongqing will be built into the Chinese "clothes are". Yongqing Dahongmen to undertake industrial aggregation, policy, location and transportation, clothing trade based three advantages in one, can contribute to ease Beijing’s non capital function, advantage of favorable factors can never be replaced! Among them, the forest Xindu peacock city (real estate information) in Yongqing five gold in planning, the new city, health city of Forest Park, enjoying the Yongqing regional good, become scarce and can not copy the potential of large industry! Details call: 400-819-1111 turn 610910

三大優勢解析永清承接大紅門勢在必行9月26日央視二套新聞,9分45秒—11分07秒時間段的報道稱,豐台區大紅門將部分搬遷至固安,並於2017年完成,未來將帶動就業崗位180萬個,稅收約360億元。此條報道剛出,就引起了許多看好永清潛力的客戶的不解,而事實上,此次固安簽約大紅門,只是部分業態承接,主要以商貿物流產業將以服裝、輕紡業為主。2014年5月,政策助力大紅門八大主力市場與永清正式簽約大紅門商圈批發市場的疏解在2014年啟動,商圈內大型商市場的經營者對疏解承接地進行緊鑼密鼓的廣氾攷察,最終,選擇了距離北京50公裏左右的河北永清。在2014年5月,大紅門八大主力市場和河北永清正式簽約,在河北永清建設永清國際商貿中心,將於今年年底前將完成首個地塊佔地375畝、建築面積51萬平方米的建設,今年下半年確定啟動招商,業態初步定為服裝面輔料。永清承接北京動批、大紅門服裝產業交通優勢明顯永清位於京台首站,未來的各區域交通樞紐主要是以京台高速為大動脈運作,京台開通後,從永清到大紅門商圈只需20分鍾車程,能夠極有利的有人在各大運輸地之間。且北京新機場“五縱兩橫”交通主乾路網也將提高永清的競爭籌碼。而對於豐台區大紅門搬遷至固安縣,從區位角度來講,固安並不適合物流性的運輸。永清國際服裝城17年開始運作,提前形成服裝產業氛圍永清國際服裝城現已成立,總佔地面積7萬畝,由永清國際商貿中心、永清銀泰中心、永清國際金融城、浙商新城等多個板塊組成。其中,永清國際商貿中心總投資360億元,佔地面積5000畝,分為兩個核心功能區,商貿佔地3000畝,物流配套2000畝。其中國際服裝城一期已經建設完畢,17年就會投入使用,建成後這裏可容納15萬服裝業態商傢落戶,形成集面料、服裝、佈藝、商務休閑等一體的專業服裝產業群組,永清將被打造成中國的“服裝之都”。永清承接大紅門產業,聚集政策、區位交通、服裝商貿基礎三大優勢於一體,能夠快速促進大北京非首都功能的疏解,天時地利人和的優勢永遠無法被取代!其中,森林新都孔雀城(樓盤資料) 位於永清五公裏黃金規劃點,健康新都市,森林公園城,坐享永清區域利好,成為稀缺且不可復制的潛力寘業!詳情電話:400-819-1111轉610910相关的主题文章: