Thrifty! Xiong Dailin dress too casual stroll around the grocery store (map) 3344111

Thrifty! Xiong Dailin casual dress too wide to the grocery shop (Figure) Xiong Dailin and friends in November 6th about six fifteen in the evening, Xiong Dailin wear masks appeared north point a clinic, a peer foreign maids, and a female friend. As Xiong Dailin is tall, he stands out in the crowd. While waiting to see a doctor, Xiong Dailin and his girlfriend constantly chat, after the doctor took the medicine, the two went to the bakery to buy bread. Xiong Dailin and his friends then, a pedestrian to "Japanese city" around the grocery shopping spree. Xiong Dailin wants to buy a traditional toilet, with a pump a stick, but there is a lady recommended to her toilet called the pressure pump, more professional, but Xiong Dailin insisted on the traditional kind, very thrifty. In October 27th, Xiong Dailin announced the marriage of her husband sun shine, Guo song is Hongkong artist Kenix Kwok brother, engaged in export trade business, served as director of the 5 companies worth more than HK $100 million. It is reported that Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok broke up in 1 years and 8 months later, at the end of 2014 with Guo song wipe out the fire.相关的主题文章: