Tianjin is the largest uncovered provinces seized 30 kilograms of methamphetamine disposable drug ca

Tianjin is the largest uncovered provinces seized 30 kilograms of methamphetamine disposable drug cases

days ago, the city public security departments coordinated combat narcotics, successfully cracked a large inter provincial drug cases, arrested 6 suspects and seized 30 kilograms of methamphetamine, is the case since the new China founded the city cracked with the largest inter provincial drug cases.

in October last year, the city received clues narcotics department, who lives in Beichen he Moumou (male, Tianjin) in bulk drug trafficking, the hands of the long-term accumulation of large quantities of methamphetamine, with shipments per kg. Get clues, the municipal public security narcotics corps, Public Security Bureau and the relevant departments of the Hexi task force to investigate the case. Through in-depth investigation, the panel that he is working with the Guangdong province launched more than a frequent contact, and raise drug money, with the bulk of the drug trade. The ad hoc research group believes that the time has been mature, so make a plan, ready to close the net.

the evening of November 22, 2016, he Moumou from Guangdong to Tianjin and the two men came to Hebei District a residential room, there may be a drug dealing, the task force believes that the time has come to close the net, ready to implement the arrest. But at this time, he Moumou alone to go out, to avoid act rashly and alert the enemy task force decided to diverge. Later that day, the first zhuabu will attack a line he Moumou and Zhao (male, Tianjin people) captured on the spot from somewhere he seized 20 grams of methamphetamine; second zhuabu Dunshou in the area nearly 13 hours later, will he Moumou on-line Zhang Moumou (male, Cantonese) and Liu Moumou (male, Jiangxi people) arrested, and seized 30 kilograms of methamphetamine. Then, the task force has the line he Moumou Moumou (male, Tianjin) and Zhang Moumou, Liu Moumou together with the delivery of drugs to Tianjin song Moumou (male, Cantonese) arrested.