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Tianjin man lost ID card has now re registered company in strange recently, the public Zhang go to the Tax Bureau registered company, but was found he had other companies 3 of the existence of the person in charge of finance tax evasion. After careful verification, Zhang found himself lost identity card information was stolen by others. It is strange that the ID card is valid until February 23, 2016, and the 3 companies registered time is in April 11, 2016. On the 19 day of the month, Mr. Zhang to the Jinnan tax bureau to register their own company, but did not think he was the staff gives this statement: "they say my name has 3 registered companies, including two in Jinnan and one in Beichen, and the 3 companies have several months not the existence of tax, tax evasion, in accordance with this situation, I can no longer do the general taxpayer registered company." Zhang carefully recalled, in 2010 his wallet was stolen, together with the identity card lost. But he wanted to know clearly to the public security bureau to re submit, how could be stolen? Later, Mr. Zhang has contact with the Jinnan tax bureau and Beichen Bureau, found the verification process, their lost identity card is valid as of February 23, 2016, the company registration time is April 11, 2016. If Mr. Zhang said, as an administrative organ, whether strict audit of related procedures in the handling of the process? Reporters were contacted with the functional departments. Reporters call the Jinnan market and quality supervision and Management Bureau of the phone, after that, the staff Mr. Liu explained, like Mr Zhang, I can take the identity card to the Jinnan administrative licensing center hall, by the staff with the investigation after the verification, if true, the staff will assist mention. Mr. Zhang also can be directly or take legal proceedings, administrative licensing center will meet with the lawyer investigation. "But if Mr. Zhang said, someone with his ID card expired successfully handled the business license of the company, mistakes belong to the staff’s work, we will find out which window when handling audit, give a satisfactory explanation of Mr. zhang". Tianjin Shi Chuan law firm Li Han lawyer reminded, in recent years, It is often seen. like Mr. Zhang’s case, many criminals fraudulent use of identity information registered company for illegal operations, in case of losing money, tax evasion and other illegal acts, will leave after the fruit is borne by the fraudulent use of identity information of the public. At the same time, Mr. Lee also said the market supervision department is responsible for company registration, at the time of registration will try to verify the obligation, if verification is not in place, the work of errors in the audit, will bear legal responsibility. It also reminded the public that it is important to keep the ID card. Hong Kong Daily News reporter Wang Yue, deputy inspector Wang Zhuo相关的主题文章: