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Tianjin, Tangshan: clapnet million meters hunting everywhere is a dead bird (Figure) original title: Tianjin and Tangshan are now "Hainan meters", the volunteers found hanging dead birds were only during the national day, the protection of birds in Tianjin, Tangshan two volunteers patrol found a total of two large bird illegal area, the total removal of more than 20000 net m, rescue the living bird near 3000, more than 5000 dead birds hanging net. "All over the ground are dead birds, some rotten too much, no way to statistics." A volunteer told surging news. Among them, the national key protected wild animals. Since September 29th, 9 volunteers were found only two national key protected wild animal Oriental scops, 4 live (3 flying, 1 rushed to rescue station), only 5 deaths. There are three species of migratory birds in China, of which there are two routes through Tianjin. Tianjin coastal wetland provides favourable habitat conditions for all kinds of birds, is East Asia to Australia migration channel on the important way to move and stop feeding, wintering waterfowl is large. The migratory season, but it is also the most serious migratory birds are killed. The volunteers were rescued in the demolition of bird bird volunteers volunteers: this network approach is very professional in the hunting of migratory birds China transit station in Tianjin, a large number of migratory birds migrating side, side disappear. The afternoon of October 1st, the environmental protection organization "let birds fly" volunteers with the Tianjin Binhai New Area of Hangu forestry station staff to patrol in Tianjin, Hangu in the new state of city wetland found a large area of the net, net, which is called "hainan". A large number of Joojak, Siberian Rubythroat, bluethroat and two national key protected wild animal animal Oriental scops hanging, "Oriental scops itself number, as of today (6 days) have found 5 Oriental scops, we successfully rescued 2." Said Wang Jianmin, a volunteer for protecting birds. In October 7th, the scene involved in the demolition of the net volunteer Tian Yangyang told the surging news interview, said that from October 2nd to October 6th, in the range of 1.5 square kilometers, volunteers have cleared nearly 10000 meters continuous net. "The bird has been removed, they still continue to view (volunteers) have not found." Tian Yangyang said, according to preliminary statistics, as of October 6th, a total of nearly 2000 volunteers to rescue the living bird, hanging dead bird more than 3 thousand, "everywhere is a dead bird, not too many statistics, now also in the reeds a putrid smell." Previously, the afternoon of September 29th, Tianjin bird protection volunteers in Tianjin Binhai New Area of Hangu Yang Bo Zhen Gao Zhuang town at the junction with the Tangshan City area of 2 square kilometers area found a large area of birds, Tianjin bird protection volunteer alliance and Tianjin Hangu bird protection team, let birds fly public funds sent 30 people, up to October 1st, nearly cleared million meters of birds, a total of nearly 1000 live bird rescue, the dead bird on the Internet more than 2 thousand. "This is my job at the two network scale three years have seen the largest," Tian Yangyang said. The volunteers also found that the two net layout from a professional hunting team, "they used the herbicide reed wetland has opened up a road, then along both sides of the road and open some branch road, the so-called network technique, very professional." On the spot.相关的主题文章: