To God Tourists get together during the National Day Haining Jianshan play gliding

To God? Haining Jianshan tourists during the national day together playing gliding day trips, tour Town, enjoy the scenery, the seaside resort, the horse, the rules of many. This year’s national day, Jiaxing, Haining, more than a good place to travel – Jianshan gliding base. It is understood that to play big gliding Jianshan tourists mainly from Jiangsu and other places, from October 1st to 5, the daily average of about 50 people, the number is usually increased significantly. The whole record keeping air as the most beautiful scenery in the north of Zhejiang Province yingzi gliding site, the site can be one of the more the number of days of flight, Jianshan gliding base in May this year after the opening, by many gliding lovers attention, experience of flying in a continuous line of tourists. Jianshan is surrounded by plains, mountains from the East, South, West and north can fly a direction. Gliding base relevant responsible person said that the current standard landing site under the mountain, to ensure safe landing after gliding. From Haining Haizhou Street paragliding coach black and white with 8 years of experience in gliding, these days, he is very busy, a day to take a few tourists to fly. "The National Day is very good these days." Black and white coach said, the general glide time control in 5 to 10 minutes. If there is a coach with almost no need to fly the basis, as long as not afraid of high, everyone can play gliding. Black and white as long as the coach reminded to wear long trousers shoes on the line. Fly against the wind, nearly 200 meters in height, large panoramic view of Jianshan and the surrounding countryside. The scene, natural and ultimately take pictures. Currently, the parachute are equipped with self timer pole, very stable and secure, the whole video, photos are no problem. Black and white coach said, to play the enthusiasm of the tourists are very high, there are a lot of children also have the courage to try, the photos taken in the air is very shocking. Glide Coach: I hope more people to enjoy the beauty of Jianshan coincidentally, in October 2nd, or black coach 38 year old birthday. On the same day, a tourist in the glide to send him a blessing, wish him a happy birthday. It reminded him of the feeling of electric shock when he first touched the glide 8 years ago. In 2008, when he first saw others fly, he became interested in paragliding. And he is not satisfied with the experience of tourists flying, want to learn, fly alone. So he bought his own paragliding and prepared himself for an independent flight. After more than 1 months of ground training, the coach took him to fly after five or six times, he successfully challenged the first independent flight. Since then, he cannot do without this piece of the sky, get the glider rating certificate issued by Chinese Aviation Association, Jiaxing, Zhejiang province to participate in the establishment of the first fifth Aviation Sports Association, and a few friends together — Jianshan gliding umbrella base…… He said his next wish is to hope that the base is getting better and better, so that more visitors can overlook the beauty of their hometown. "It was not long before the news came that the paragliding has been selected for the 2018 Asian Games, so I will continue to work hard to improve the level of competition and to compete." Black and white coach told reporters.相关的主题文章: