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SEO Sites experience difficulties being placed and ranked atop Google for specific keyword search phrases. There are several adept ways of being ranked on Google, but the specific tool used the most by Toronto SEO Services experts is an article submission tool. This article will teach you the meaning of article submission, and how to submit to high page rank directories in order to receive quality back links, increase traffic, and watch your rankings boost within a few weeks for some of the most competitive search terms. Article submissions are entirely different than any other type of back link popularity tool. What are back links? Google values back links strongly when deciding whether to place your site on the internet. Think of back links as the amount of ‘relevant’ friends you have online. Say your website is about computer products, and your website tag and keywords are placed on another website which sells mouses and computer hardware (relevant back link) it becomes a one way back link. If you have both exchanged back links with one another, it is a two way back link. A one way back link is more promising because it avoids the fact that a two way backlink can bring down the value of your website since you agreed to an exchange. One way back links promise popularity for your website, and Google looks at you as being a central website which other websites are pointing too; so Google will think it is wise to also point visitors in your direction. Although back linking is only ONE of the integral steps to achieving first page rankings, from our expertise, it is the most vital step. Without back links you wont be able to compete with more popular websites which present the same products, this is a major factor in how Google discerns who to place as the #1-#10 sites in terms of relevancy, and a part of why search results on Google are so precise in their value to a searcher. How do you gain more back links? Article submission is one of the tools used to gain back links, there are several others including directory submission, website optimization through title tags and smart keyword optimization service. Article submission means creating an article with the majority of the article covering a few specific keywords that your website needs to be on the first page for. Once you have a professional Toronto SEO company who caters to Toronto SEO Services create articles for you, they will submit your articles to hundreds of directories around the web which store articles in their databanks in order to bring you one way back links. In exchange, these directories receive traffic from the millions of articles they store (through content). Trust Toronto seo services to bring you the highest quality traffic on the internet through proper back linking submission tools and software. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: