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Tracking reports: Sohu health during surgery in patients with Parkinson’s disease was more than and 40 day after Madopar: Yang Jun – Parkinson’s disease day had to take 40 tablets of Madopar dosage of ordinary people, he exceeded ten times, shocked the medical profession, in May 2016 in the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University after deep brain stimulation, and after boot physical activity is completely free, stiff feeling completely disappeared, and the previous day to take more than and 40 tablets to take four tablets daily. His condition has been affecting the people of all walks of life, his life? Is everyone’s concern, yesterday, First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University Center Parkinson disease care team came to live in the home of Yang Lingwu Quan Zhen yang…… Half an acre of kiwi fruit bag 000 red garden reposes him to life at 1 yesterday afternoon hope, First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University Parkinson care center medical team to Yangling Wu Quan Zhen Yang Jun’s home, to see him again, years of experience in the gloom, the changes brought by deep brain stimulation and disperse Mr. Yang, the accumulation of a belly and feel grateful feelings, want to share more of the Parkinson group. Master Yang was a restless person, before the illness he is good but little known "skill", his ingenuity, is a famous architectural master nearby, but also do a little business, continuously hard-working years has become a habit, he told us, every day more than 5 in the morning after getting up, some to look at their own orchard, so he’s not a trace of weeds in orchard. Kiwi never hit their own pesticides, fertilizers, is natural, so the villagers eat their own fruit, will come to buy mr.. When we see the trees spider web, we believe that there is no pesticide million fruit red bag, look spectacular with his rebirth in the mentality of enjoying not easily won health, diligent and put into the process of gratitude, he Kiwi pure green, pollution-free, no pesticides, no additive. This half an acre of kiwifruit Park, 000 red bag, he entrusted with the hope of life, he is the witness of unremitting self-improvement. Mr. Yang to take care of their own orchards in this half acres of orchards, Mr. Yang told us excitedly, "I have a plan, ready to return to prostitution, do a little business, for this, we firmly believe that he will achieve. Case review: last year (2015), who lives in Yangling, 48 year old Yang master came to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiao Tong University School of medicine clinic of Neurology, in 8 years he will from a "skill" into a "basket case", in order to control the body stiff, he will take more than and 40 tablet Madopar in a day! Taking the course of 8 years has polished his patience, do not take medicine, the body stiff, you cannot play, all the movements need to assist his wife still activities difficult, but after the medicine will appear like drunken staggering gait and dance like twist action. With the aggravation, without increased dose of Madopar, until the development of per hour to take two tablets is still unsatisfactory, leading to now more than ten times the dosage of others. May 18, 2016, Yang master admission frequency相关的主题文章: