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Tour of the Kaohsiung big earthquake: Taiwanese mainland tourists are used me to death – Sohu news [global network reported] Taiwan Kaohsiung 6 earthquake occurred on the early morning, one in Kaohsiung, mainland tourists Ms. Cai said, "very strong shaking, scared to death!" she said, surprised, day, street what is no different, "Taiwan local people may have been used to it, everything is normal". Taiwan’s ETTV cloud quoted "upstream news" reported that Ms. Chua from Chongqing, with the mission to travel to Taiwan when the earthquake happened, she is just in the city of Kaohsiung was the strongest, "a night to be awake, very strong shaking. Scared! I was shaken directly, on the 16 floor! "Reported that Ms. Chua’s surprise, perhaps more frequently in the Taiwan earthquake, so strong after the earthquake, the first light of day, the streets of Kaohsiung and not what is different, there is no tension, plus Taiwan today is the first day of the Spring Festival holiday," Taiwanese may have been accustomed to it, everything is normal." Although Ms. Tsai experienced midnight panic, but the next trip will not change, go to Kenting today, temporarily will not deliberately hide aftershocks. She said, "now our friends can contact, and then will go according to the previous itinerary, will not change, but originally intended to go to those small mountain village, now may have to assess if you can go."."

游高雄遇强震 大陆游客:台湾人很习惯 我吓死了-搜狐新闻   【环球网综合报道】台湾高雄6日清晨发生强震,一位在高雄的大陆游客蔡女士表示,“晃动非常强烈,吓死了!”她也说,感到意外的是,天一亮,大街上没有什么不同,“台湾当地人可能已经习惯了吧,一切都很正常” 。   台湾“东森新闻云”援引《上游新闻》报道称,蔡女士来自重庆,是跟团前往台湾旅游,地震发生时她刚好在震感最强的高雄市,“半夜就被摇醒了,晃动非常强烈。吓死了!直接被摇醒,我在16楼!”   报道称,蔡女士感到意外的是,也许是台湾地震比较频繁,在那么强烈的地震之后,天一亮,高雄大街上并没有什么不同,也没有紧张的气氛,再加上今天是台湾第一天春节假期,“台湾人可能已经习惯了吧,一切都很正常。”   蔡女士虽然经历的半夜惊魂,但接下来的行程不会改变,今天去垦丁,暂时也不会特意去躲余震。她说,“现在我们身边的朋友都能联系上,接下来还是会按照之前的行程走,不会改变,只不过原本打算去的那些小山村,现在可能要评估一下还能不能去了。”相关的主题文章: