Treatment of constipation, the effect is very magical

017 years in the afternoon of January 6th outpatient corridor, was to do floating needle patients crowded. Among these patients, there was a woman who had been constipated for a long time, and she had a very good compliance.

in order to recover at an early date, she said she was able to eat anything, but she was obviously worried, because the floating needle treatment is almost painless. In Zheng’s active cooperation, her constipation symptoms improved obviously, with her words: treatment of constipation, the effect is very magical.

basic information (history and signs slightly):

Zheng Moumou, female, 32. Outpatient diagnosis: chronic constipation; early anal fissure.

analysis :

anal fissure and constipation often reciprocal causation in clinic, accompanied with:

is the longest in the long-term constipation anal fissure . due to dry stool, defecation too hard, or forced exertion, often caused by excessive expansion of the anus and tear. Repeated injury caused by chronic constipation, difficult to heal the breach, the formation of prismatic chronic ulcer, this is known as the anal fissure.

is often due to the occurrence of constipation anal fissure exacerbation . due to pain anus or anal fissure patients defecation after defecation, even tearing pain, let the patient defecation phobia, the patient often dare not defecation or endure inconvenience, resulting in feces stay longer as intestinal water is excessive absorption, dry stool more hardened, easy occurrence of fecal impaction or serious complications.

anal sphincter

floating needle treatment diary:

first visit

December 30, 2016:

anal pain, hematochezia treatment. V. stool 2~3 day 1 times, the stool is hard, granular, defecation time averaged about 10min; defecation, anal pain, bright red blood, often with abdominal fullness, especially abdominal obvious.

from : the left rectus abdominis muscle examination under paragraph (+ + +).

: the use of acupuncture in the treatment of floating floating needle sweep with UPS turn, belly drum gas pressure reperfusion therapy. During the course of treatment, no oral laxative was used".