TT a praise Kardashian moved to cry you cook better than my mother-pork face

TT was a compliment to Kardashian cry: you cook than my mother Kardashian (information) sina sports news Beijing time on November 27th, according to "the Hollywood life" reported that this year’s Thanksgiving is the first Thanksgiving together Knight Center Tristan Thompson and his girlfriend Kardashian Kohler. In order to reward her, Kohler personally cook for Thompson, and gain the praise a let her cry. This Thanksgiving, Kohler Kardashian spent in Cleveland, because her boyfriend Tristan Thompson here. It is reported that the day of Thanksgiving, rarely cook Kardashian Kohler personally for Tristan and other friends. "Kohler is good at cooking and do many things, but not one of them." A person familiar with the matter, "but all the food on Thanksgiving Day, Tristan Kohler did for him have finished." Of course, the most impressed by Kohler is not TT eat these foods, but a moment to let her tears of the ultimate praise. "TT’s plate is full of green vegetables, Turkey, cheese and sweet potato pie. Results TT eat two full market." Informed sources said, "when he put the food in the plate against a blank, he told Kohler:" you do food than my mom’s but also delicious. " Kohler is the tears of the sentence poke in the moment. It was the sweetest compliment she had ever heard, and she could not help but shed tears." On Thanksgiving Day, Kohler Kardashian wrote on Twitter: "happy thanksgiving! Cooking all day! How was your Thanksgiving Day?" In the end, Kohler’s Thanksgiving and hard work in return. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: