TV drama veteran soldier premiered on September is shaping Beijing – typical entrepreneurial veteran

TV drama "veteran soldier" premiered on September is shaping veterans Beijing new business model – in August 28 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) TV series "retired soldier" is also broadcast in Liaoning on 28 conference held in Dalian, the play was retired soldier Chen Yongxi entrepreneurial experience as the prototype, tells the hero to give up the work of civil servants, but after a misunderstanding, business folks suffered his wife died, profiteers obstruct tyrants and other difficulties, Chen Yongxi eventually overcome the difficulties led the villagers from the weather to go on the road of prosperity inspirational story. The army is "soldier" by Yin Aiqun and Hu Minggang two domestic faction jointly directed by screenwriter creation of popular film and drama works of Li Suojin, Yin Zhuang and Sui Chengyan featuring. In the first round of Dalian TV pilot, again this year by the original class creative Bupai lens, rearrange the plot and structure design, highlighting the veteran firm character, the spirit of hard work. The drama of female one held by Wu Xintong, actor Zhao Yansong, known as the "military specialist", "Star", "China peacekeeping police" ballistic no trace and many other military theme of the outstanding film and television works. Two supporting Dong Lianhai, Sun Jing is the Northeast Errenzhuan performance artist known to every family. Today morning, creative and the actor team debut. Screenwriter Li Suojin talked about an interview: "carry forward the model play in veterans home construction in the leading role, we take a new perspective to reveal the modern rural city in the process of the new business concept of love and marriage view, farmers in the new era has followed the trend of the times, constantly maintain enterprising consciousness." One of the founders of the protagonist of a prototype "Hump" apple, veteran Chen Yongxi also participated in the launch ceremony. Reminiscing about the days of entrepreneurship and veterans 20 years of military career, Chen Yongxi said: "after the war, we are still in the military requirements of their character, courageous pursuit of life ideal." It is reported that the play will premiere on the network platform in September 9th, the video site will be on the line, all advertising revenue will be included in the veterans of venture investment fund, specifically to support entrepreneurship and solve the difficulties of life veterans veterans. (end)相关的主题文章: